ACI: Angelo Sticchi Damiani confirmed President until 2024


The Meeting of the Automobile Club d’Italia confirmed Angelo Sticchi Damiani as the President of ACI for the four years 2021-2024, with more than 94% of the votes. Born in Lecce, married and with two children, Sticchi Damiani is a civil engineer and well-known road infrastructures designer and is at his third mandate as the President of ACI.


Under his Presidency, ACI has stepped up starting from an important push to the digitalization of PRA (i.e. the Italian DVLA) that is nowadays the most advanced public administration in terms of documents dematerialization and simplification of services to citizens and professionals as 80% of the services can be requested remotely by email or PEC. This huge effort has been joined by the progressive implementation, in collaboration with MIT (i.e. the Italian Ministry of Transports) of the Documento Unico that unifies two documents the "Carta di Circolazione" (vehicle registration) and the "Certificato di Proprietà" (ownership certificate).

Nearly all the services for drivers are also Digital – through the ACI website or Apps – including tax payment, roadside assistance, vehicle notifications and drivers licence expiration warnings.


The Presidency by Sticchi Damiani has also put a lot of efforts in the road safety through research, training and information especially regarding pedestrians and cyclists, that are the most vulnerable elements on the road and too often victims of incidents. A concrete step in this direction has been taken with the creation of Safe Driving centres, periodic National sensibilization campaigns, research on solutions to reduce the incidents and a constant contribution to the update of the Codice della Strada (Traffic Regulations) in such a way to base the regulations on responsibility more than sanctioning, which necessarily follows infractions.


Thanks to the passion and commitment by Sticchi Damiani it has been possible to hold the most important international competitions in Italy, starting from the Italian Formula 1 Grand Prix in Monza, while strengthening the motorsport's ground base: more than 800 races have been held in the several disciplines from karting to rallying, hillclimbing and regularity. This has been a big and important effort as motorsport competitions are also a great vector for new technologies to be applied to road vehicle in the future and contribute to increasing the economic growth of the touristic sector advertising in the world the uniqueness of Italy also through historic events like the Mille Miglia or Targa Florio.


Of all the great job done over the past few years, the most impacting on everyday’s life is ACI’s commitment to the mobility of the future. Sticchi Damiani has a very clear idea in mind: there is no life quality without mobility quality and new technologies – electric cars, semi-electric cars, autonomous driving and connected vehicles – are fundamental to think about the new mobility but these are not enough to reduce traffic pollution, increase road safety and economic sustainability. ACI was the first to bring car sharing in Italy and the first to implement an electric network to power electric cars and became a central actor in the transformation of mobility with the clear objective of contributing to the development of the Country and to the well-being of Italian people. This is obviously a long term challenge that requires several new infrastructures and a different approach by people, a shared vision by all the involved public actors, starting from the Municipalities, private citizens and Constructors.

ACI’s features of being a public subject but on an associative basis with a centenary experience makes it the ideal subject to push for the renewal of Italian mobility (including single and collective mobility regarding people and goods), which is one of the main competitive assets of national economies. This is the big challenge of the 21st century that will certainly mark the Presidency and activity of Automobile Club in the next few years.

In the picture: ACI’s President Angelo Sticchi Damiani