16 ottobre20:47
Venturi-Gai (SGT3), Leo-Cheever (GT3) and Nicolas Costa (SGT Cup) crowned Italian GT 2016 Champions in Mugello
A lot of fans cheering Alex Zanardi (BMW M6 GT3) winning Race-2, as season 2016 goes into the archives as one of the best of the 14 editions run so far.
13 ottobre06:33
The final sprint of the Italian GT Championship 2016 in Mugello with Alex Zanardi on track

The seventh and closing round of the Italian series scheduled for this weekend will award four titles. The event is going to be even more interesting as the champion from Bologna will be back to racing on a BMW M6 GT3 after more than one year of absence from motorsport.

11 settembre18:03
Agostini-Di Folco (Super GT3) and Nemoto Costa (Super GT Cup) win Vallelunga's race-2
The other victories went to Zonzini-Russo (GT3), Sauto-Zanardini (GT Cup), Cerati-Ghezzi (Porsche 997), as Riccardo Pera claimed his sixth win in Cayman Cup.
10 settembre15:47
Frassineti-Gattuso (SGT3) and Liberati-Ling (SGT Cup) win the two races of Vallelunga
The other winners are Postiglione-Gagliardini (GT3), Benvenuti-Demarchi (GT Cup), Cerati-Ghezzi (GT4) Riccardo Pera (Coppa Cayman). Race-2 scheduled for tomorrow with live TV coverage on Raisport2 and AutomotoTV
7 settembre19:24
The Italian GT 2016 Championship resuming from Vallelunga with 36 cars on track
The fifth round of the season will open the final part of the season with all classifications of the Italian championship still open as several lineups are in the fight for the four titles.
17 luglio16:19
Mugello, Bortolotti-Mul (SGT3), Pastorelli-Pastorelli (GT3), Kasai-Desideri (SGT Cup) and Carboni-Durante (GT Cup) are race-2 winners
The victory of GT4 went to Cerati-Fondi (Porsche 997), while the top step of Cayman Trophy's podium was obtained by Riccardo Pera.
16 luglio20:02
Agostini-Di Folco (SGT3) and  Zaugg-D'Amico (SGT Cup) win the fourth round of the Italian GT Championship in Mugello
The victory of GT4 went to Cerati-Fondi, while Mercatali-Cecotto got on the top step of the podium of the Cayman Trophy. The final two races scheduled for tomorrow with live TV coverage on Raisport2 and AutomotoTV.
13 luglio22:27
Another record for the Italian GT Championship: 43 cars on track in Mugello's 4th round of the season
The Italian series increased the number of entered drivers in this racing weekend in Tuscany that marks the turning point of the season. All classifications still open. Four scheduled races with live TV coverage on Raisport2 and AutomotoTV.
12 giugno19:16
The victories of Venturi-Gai and Baruch-Liang close the 3rd round of the Italian GT Championship in Misano
Victory to Zonzini-Russo in GT3, as Maino-Benucci won GT Cup and Riccardo Pera took the third win of the season in Cayman Cup.
11 giugno23:16
Misano, Cerqui-Comandini (Super GT3) and Krenzia-Costa (Super GT Cup) win race-1
The other victories went to Postiglione-Gagliardini (GT3), Benvenuti-Demarchi (GT Cup) and Bianco-De Castro (Coppa Cayman).
8 giugno20:13
The Italian Gran Turismo Championship on track at the Misano World Circuit for the third round of the season
The Italian series will resume this weekend with several interesting fights in all classes. Four races scheduled with live TV coverage on Raisport1 and AutomotoTV.
29 maggio14:24
Audi R8 LMS triumph in Imola's race-2 with Mapelli-Albuquerque (Super GT3) and Zonzini-Russo (GT3)
Teh race has been characterized by heavy rain and has been stopped at lap 11 after several excursions on a very tricky track. The race of Super GT Cup and GT Cup postponed to 18,55.
28 maggio20:17
Desideri-Negra (Super GT Cup) and Caso-Del Prete (GT Cup) win Imola's race-1
The 16 years old former karting driver Riccardo Pera claimed the win in the Cayman Trophy.
28 maggio17:56
Lamborghini unbeatable: Bortolotti-Mul (Super GT3) and Postiglione-Gagliardini (GT3) get Imola's race-1
One-two for Imperiale Racing in the highest class and victory of the Gallardo at the debut. Great celebrations for Postiglione's 100th win.
25 maggio13:07
The Italian GT Championship back on track in Imola for the second round with 41 cars
New arrivals, including seven Cayman Trophy cars, promise a great spectacle. Venturi-Gai (SGT3), Luca and Nicola Pastorelli (GT3), Croce-Costa (SGTCup) and Benvenuti-Demarchi (GT Cup) will try and defend their classification lead.
1 maggio17:59
Venturi-Gai (Ferrari 488) and De Lorenzi-Necchi (Lamborghini Huracan) win Monza's race-2 of the Italian GT Championship
GT3's success went to Monfardini-Valori (Lamborghini Gallardo), while Benvenuti-Demarchi (Lamborghini Gallardo) repeated race-1 victory in GT Cup.
30 aprile20:17
Audi uncatchable in Monza's race-1. Mapelli-Albuquerque first win of the season
Audi Sport Italia's drivers started the 14th edition of the Italian GT on a high claiming the victory of classes SuperGT3 and GT3 leading Lamborghini and Ferrari.
30 aprile09:07
Italian GT Championship: ready, steady, go!
33 lineups to open the 14th edition of the Italian Championship in Monza. Eight further Porsche Cayman and some other GT3 challengers will join the circus from the next round of Imola. Spectacle granted in all the four races scheduled for today and tomorrow.
28 aprile08:38
The 14th edition of the Italian GT Championship kicking off in Monza
A season full of novelties with the introduction of the new Super GT3 and Super GT Cup classes is about to start this weekend. A total of 33 entered lineups representing 9 makes are all set for the challenge of the six Italian titles.
14 marzo13:51
The new Nissan GT-R Nismo to be lined up in the Italian GT Championship
Drive Technology Italia to bring it on track as official customer team.
15 febbraio16:36
Aston Martin and Solaris Motorsport: a great pair in the Italian GT Championship
The Italian team is the new Racing Team Partner of the historic British brand and will line up one Vantage GT3 in the Italian championship. This is going to be he first time ever for the British company in the Italian championship.
1 gennaio00:01
The calendar of the Italian GT Championship 2016 made official
Seven rounds with double race confirmed. At the moment the races are planned at Italian circuits, but Acisport is thinking to have on exit abroad.