30th Rally Costa Smeralda nearly over: an eventful race

07/05/2011 - The day two of the Rally in the beautiful Sardinian island started this afternoon at 12.04 (GMT+2) with stage 5 "Brianiatogghiu" where the Ford Fiesta S2000 driven by Dettori went sideways and the driver has been author of a spectacular counter-steering.

The first stage of the day welcomed the first place of the couple Andreucci - Andreussi, followed by Rossetti with Scandola third.

Stage 6, " Coliluna", started at 16.14 and the best time was set again by Paolo Andreucci in 18'07.7, 16.9 seconds clear Umberto Scandola and 20.3 on Luca Rossetti.

Dettori was author of an amazing performance and manage to get back in fourth at 52''.

In evidence was also the Citroen DS3, driven by the young Italian Simone Campedelli who showed good skills and obtained the first position of the two wheeled cars.

Regret for the retirement of the couple Longhi- Pirollo, due to a technical problem, after obtaining a deserved fifth place in stage 5

Umberto Scandola at the wheel of the Ford Fiesta S2000 was the nice surprise of all stages and got himself in the perennial couple Andreucci - Rossetti in the stage "Coiluna". Scandola again topped the charts of the "Monte Lerno" and its overall 27,97 km with a best time of 19´00.9.

The Italian Rossetti followed suit at 2´1, while Andreucci was third at 2´6. Dettori and his Ford Fiesta S2000 were again fourth, Campedelli followed at 1´03.9 right behind Alessandro Perico at 59'9.
The last stage of the Rally Costa Smeralda, the " Su Filigosu", will be on from 18.00.

Some drivers quotes after stage 6 follow:

"The stage was not too ruined but a lot of stones were present " Andreucci
"I believe there are some problems with the engine, it smells like that." Scandola
"This stage went fine even if there are a few stones in the ideal trajectory"
"I just want to get to the end as we are leader in the Terra's classification" Trentin
"We are still fighting Perico, but I reckon he has been fastest in this stage" Campedelli
"We made a different tyre choice with respect to the rivals in the world championship therefore we will try to administer our advantage to Angrisani" Gianfico
"Everything was ok, we just got a bit of dust from Angrisani" Dettori