37th Rally 1000 Miglia: the entry list

67 entered lineups will challenge their way to the finish line of the second round of the Italian Rally Championship this coming weekend in the valleys around Brescia. All the drivers inflaming the opener in Ciocco will be present.

Brescia, 09 April 2013 – These are the last calm and adrenaline-less moments ahead of the 37th Rally 1000 Miglia scheduled for this coming weekend as the second round of the Italian Rally 2013 valid also for the National Trophies/Zone Challenge. Fans and staff are counting the minutes left to the scream of engines and to witness the challenge of one of the most prestigious races in the National but not only national panorama, that is always ready to award exciting moments.

The deadline for entries to the race of the "red arrow” ended the await to know the names of the protagonists in the cars: 67 lineups will enliven the race, that is 40 entered drivers in the Italian Championship and 27 in the National Rally Trophy/Zone Challenge. In times of economic crunch this is quite a good result in terms of pure figures which confirms that the "1000” keeps all its charm intact.


All the drivers fighting in the season opener of Ciocco will be in Brescia and will be ready to hunt for more points in the absolute CIR, in the CIR Production and CIR Junior as well as in the mono-brand Trophies.
Giandomenico Basso had a clean sweep at Ciocco, and he is also last year's winner of the Rally 1000 Miglia. He will be one of the main themes of the 2013 edition of the 1000 Miglia; the driver from Cavaso del Tomba, has always been fascinated by this race and is certainly ready to repeat himself on the very same Peugeot 207 S2000 driven in Garfagnana (Power Car Team), setting his bar to the fifth win in Brescia. The driver from Bergamo Alessandro Perico (behind the wheel of the usual Peugeot 207/PA Racing) and the Skoda Italy's works driver Umberto Scandola (on the works Skoda Fabia) will try to challenge Basso, as the two ended respectively in second and third spots of the podium in Ciocco. In the games will also be the Peugeot 207 (Racing Lions) driven by the local hero Stefano Albertini, who will make his comeback to the tricolored series in his home race (he is from Vestone, in Valsabbia)

The "top” names did not finish here. The seven times Italian Champion Paolo Andreucci and the driver from Val d'Aosta Elwis Chentre, will be behind the wheel of two brand new Peugeot 208 R2 ready to fight their way through the roads of Brescia as done in Ciocco two weeks back. On the two wheeled cars, another interesting duel will involve the current CIR Junior leader Andrea Carella (on Peugeot 208 R2) and Giacomo Cunial (Citroen C2 R2 Max), winner of the Federal 2012 Supercourse (and therefore enrolled as testimonial in the "Young Drivers CSAI 2013 Project") and also good fourth among the Juniors in Ciocco.

The list of drivers that will try and fight for the win is quite long and it includes the protagonists of the various mono-brand trophies (Renault Clio and Twingo TOP, Citroen Racing Trophy and Suzuki Rally Cup, at his first race) with Alessandro Bosca, Rudy Michelini, Ivan Ferrarotti, the very successful Federico Gasperetti (in the Clio series), Fabrizio Andolfi Jr., Andrea Crugnola, Giacomo Scattolon and Michele Tassone (on the Twingo R2) as the trophy drivers Andrea Nucita, Mathieu Biasion, Alessandro Re and Alex Vittalini.
A special eye will have to be kept on two drivers from Brescia that will try and impress in front of the local fans: Gianluigi Niboli (Peugeot 207) and Luca Tosini(Clio R3)

Rally 1000 Miglia and Rallye Antibes - Cote d'Azur two races in the history of European rally. Despite the difficult economic climate, AC Brescia and ASA Antibes relaunched a collaboration lasting for about two decades with the famous "Challenge Trident". According to the new format, two Italian lineups among the one entered in the 37th Rally 1000 Miglia will have the chance to get free entrance should they decide to compete in the trans-alpine race valid for the French championship, taking place next October. As usual, priority drivers will not be entitled to take part in the Challenge.