A quick chat with Albertini:

The driver from Brescia trying to secure full budget to take part in the Costa Smeralda and the other races of CIR.

A very determined Stefano Albertini answered our questions on the immediate future. The driver from Brescia does not have any doubts on what his number one objective for 2013 would be, even if something is still missing to close his season budget.

"The races of the Italian Rally Championship I took part in made me realize that the others – i.e. the big names – are not that far and I could aim to slot in the fight for the Italian rally championship. Particularly the result in the Adriatico's rally made me think that we can put pressure even on a champion like Umberto Scandola that is a very quick driver and probably the favourite for the title. We still do not have all the budget required to cover the entire programme and I will try to get what is needed ahead of the Costa Smeralda's entry deadline. The Rally Costa Smeralda is quite a difficult race, full of pitfalls and therefore open to all the results. In case of a positive result everything could change and the second half of the season could have huge surprises”.