Day two of Rally Sanremo at the start

The 24 lineups heading to the first stage "Passo del Maro". Six stages on schedule today. Live streaming by ACI Sport at 12:45 from Piazza Borea D'Olmo and live coverage on Rai Sport 2 at 19:00 from Porto Vecchio.

5 April 2014. The 56th Rally Sanremo gets into the second day with six long stages to be held at "Passo del Maro"(15,75 km), "Bosco di Rezzo" (25,80 km) and "Mendatica", the loop will be repeated three times for a total of 121,16 timed kilometers.

Web and TV appointments will characterize the race starting with the third Live Streaming by ACI Sport at 12.45 (local time) with comments after the first loop from service park in Piazza Borea D'Olmo.
Another appointment not to be missed by fans is the live coverage on Rai Sport 2 at 19.00 from the splendid Porto Vecchio, in the heart of Sanremo.

Two reports on the most important sportive magazines of the country will follow the event: tomorrow 6 April a whole page on Gazzetta dello Sport will be dedicated to the race, while on Monday 7 April Corriere dello Sport will have a page with the race report, pictures and classifications of the Rally Sanremo.

The program of day two (local time):

07:30 exit from parc fermè

07:30 - 7:51 Service 15 minutes

08:41 SS.7 "Passo del Maro" of 15,75 km

09:34 SS. "Bosco di Rezzo" of 25,80 km

10:29 - 10:39 Tyre Fitting Zone

10:48 SS. 9 "Mendatica" of 19,03 km

12:48 - 13:42 Regrouping at Borea d'Olmo in Sanremo

13:47 - 14:17 Service park

15:07 SS.10 "Passo del Maro" of 15,75 km

16:00 SS.11 "Bosco di Rezzo" of 25,80 km

16:55 - 17:05 Tyre Fitting Zone

17:14 SS.12 "Mendatica" of 19,03 km

19:19 - 19:39 Regrouping at Piazzale Vesco in Sanremo

19:44 - 19:54 Service park

19:54 Arrival