CIR and TRT itinerary defined for Rally Italia Sardegna 2014

Regulations to be published shortly.

Two races in one, two rounds tightly bound, one valid for the World Rally Championship , WRC and the other for the Italian Rally Championship , CIR , for the Gravel Trophy , TRT , and for the National Rally Trophies , TRN.

This is going to be the rich meal offered to rally fans in the days from 5 to 8 June. The race organized by Automobile Club of Italy has been devised to highlight at best the WR protagonists as well as those of CIR and TRT. The latter will officially open the race with the first stage that will take place at the Cagliari harbour at 21.06 (local time) on Thursday 5th May. Back to the beating heart of the race Alghero in the night, CIR and TRT interpreters will be battling on Friday 6 June in a day two comprising four of the classic stages of the rally: Terranova Nord , of 20 km, Terranova Sud, of 12.40,  Coiluna -Castrazza, of 20.29 km, and Loelle of 27.30 km. The CIR and TRT lineups will go through these stages following the double passage of WRC cars. About 80 km will give a definite shape, even if not conclusive, to the Italian race.
On Saturday 7 June CIR drivers will have to go through their last effort, the very challenging 59km long Monte Lerno. A long, difficult stage that will certainly challenge men and vehicles already worn by the previous racing days. CIR and TRT lineups will run their races after the first passage of WRC drivers.
The total length of the race is of 655.74 kilometres, split in 11 stages, all on gravel except the opening sector, of 140.42 km. The closing ceremony and the podium will take place on Saturday 7 June in Alghero at 14.30 local time.