The 42nd San Marino Rally to change itinerary

Rofelle SS to replace Sestino

San Marino, 23 June 2014. The 42nd edition of the San Marino Rally, scheduled for next 4 – 5 July opted for a schedule change. The race of the Titan's Republic – valid for the Italian Rally Championship, for the Gravel Trophy, for the Historic European Rally Championship and for the Cross Country Italian Championship has been forced to change the itinerary due to the un-availability of the administrators of the municipality of Mercatello sul Metauro (proprietary of 2km of the planned itinerary) that formulated a very heavy economic request that organizers deemed impossible to satisfy. After several seasons, the race of San Marino is therefore forced to skip the classic stage of Sestino.

The stage "Rofelle" that already has been part of the Rally San Marino will fill in for it. The SS will cover the same length, 19km of white road that will bring fans back in time along an itinerary that unfolds completely on the Apennines. The stage Rofelle will take place during Day one, scheduled for Friday 4 July. On day one, drivers will go through this stage twice and then they will run twice on the much awaited tarmac of the San Marino SS that will take them to Porta di Città, the heart of the Republic that will hose the spectacle of Rally from 19.30hrs to 24.00hrs.

On the same evening, the Rally Village of San Marino will stage an unforgettable sports evening with gastronomic delicacies and music by the most famous DJs of the moment. Three stages will then be repeated three times on the next day. The racing menu comprises the classic Sant'Agata Feltria, Monte Benedetto and the new Santa Sofia the stage at its debut in the race.
The flying finish of the Rally will take place at the Rally Village of San Marino from 19.30hrs and celebrations will go on for the whole evening.

(Official Press Release by 42nd Rally of San Marino)
A picture of the podium of the 41st Rally of San Marino. On top, the itinerary of the first stage of the rally.