42nd San Marino Rally: Paolo Andreucci and Anna Andreussi get the win on Peugeot 208 T16 R5

The Tuscan driver proceeded Umberto Scandola and Guido D'Amore, Skoda Fabia Super 2000. Third place finish for Giandomenico Basso and Mitia Dotta, Ford Fiesta R5. Solid points for Renato Travaglia, Peugeot 207 Super 2000 in the Gravel Trophy.

Repubblica di San Marino, 5 July 2014 – The Tuscan driver Paolo Andreucci and his co-driver from Friuli Anna Andreussi, on Peugeot 208 T16 R5, won the 42nd San Marino Rally, fifth race of the Italian Rally Championship and second of the Gravel Trophy. The Tuscan led the Veronese Umberto Scandola and Guido D'Amore, Skoda Fabia Super 2000, while the third place went to Giandomenico Basso and Mitia Dotta, GPL powered Ford Fiesta R5.

As regarding Scandola's result, the games are not over yet. A technical complaint during the race was filed by Paolo Andreucci's team F.P.F. Sport Srl Racing Lions about the tires fitted on the Skoda which resulted in Scandola's disqualification. This sanction has been suspended though due to a counter-appeal filed by Skoda to be debated in the coming weeks.

Back on the road, very good fourth place for Simone Campedelli and Danilo Fappani, Ford Fiesta R5, as the pairing has been very quick in day two after losing a lot of time in day one due to some brakes problems.

In the Gravel Trophy the driver from Trento, Renato Travaglia, hauled heavy points on his Peugeot 207 Super 2000 after a long battle with Luigi Ricci, Ford Fiesta R5, who had to stop due to a double puncture when nearly eyeing the stop line. The home hero Filippo Reggini on Skoda Fabia S2000 confirmed to be among the protagonists on the gravel as did Alessandro Tonso who eneded third on the Ford Fiesta R5.

Among the youngsters, to be highlighted is the performance put in by Alessandro Tolfo, the driver from Marostica selected for ACI Team Italia, who ended tenth absolute on his Peugeot 207 Super 2000 proceeding the Finn MIkko Pajunen, who won the Renault Clio R3 Trophy, and fellow ACI Team Italia's color bearer from Este, Nicolò Marchioro, who ended second in the Renault Trophy. Very good race also for Damiano De Tommaso, who had a wild card for the race for being one of the best of the Rally Italia Talent. He ended first in class R2 on his Peugeot 208 R2.

42nd San Marino Rally Absolute Classification: 1. Andreucci-Andreussi (Peugeot 208 T16 R5) in 1:38'10. ; 2.Scandola-D'Amore (Skoda Fabia S2000) at 3.0; 2. a 2.9 ; 3. Basso-Dotta (Ford Fiesta R5 Ldi) at 1'12.0; 4.Campedelli-Fappani (Ford Fiesta R5) at 1'29.3; 5.Travaglia-Ciucci (Peugeot 207 S2000) at 4'41.3; 6. Albertini-Mazzetti (Peugeot 207 S2000) at 5'15.5;7. Reggini-Bizzocchi (Skoda Fabia S2000) at 5'33; 8. Tonso-Stefanelli (Ford Fiesta R5) at 5'53.8; 9. Trentin-De Marco (Subaru Impreza N14) at 6'48.1;10.Tolfo-Scattolin(Peugeot 207 S2000) at 7'58.5.

CIR DRIVERS CLASSIFICATION: 1.Scandola 59 pts ;2.Basso 52; 3.Andreucci 50; 4.Nucita 27; 5. Albertini 22; Andolfi 21 ;6. Perego 16; 7. 8. Campedelli 14; 9.Michelini 13; 10. Marchioro 11.

CIR CONSTRUCTORS CLASSIFICATION: 1.Peugeot 94 pts; 2.Ford 66; 3.Skoda 59; 4.Renault 43.

GRAVEL TROPY CLASSIFICATION: 1.Travaglia 37,5 pts; 2. Trentin 23; Ricci 18; Biolghini 17; Tolfo e Reggini 12.

Renault Clio R3 Production Trophy: 1. Andolfi 217,2 pts; 2. Ferrarotti 184,4;3. Marchioro 150, 2.; 4. Pajunen 69.
In the pictures: the top three on the podium at the 42nd San Marino Rally: Andreucci (Peugeot 208 T16 R5) Scandola (Skoda Fabia S2000) and Basso (Ford Fiesta R5 Ldi).