The 21st Rally Adriatico to start tomorrow

Shakedown in the morning and official start from Ancona's Piazza Cavour at local 19.00.

Cingoli, 19 September  2014 – Tomorrow (Saturday 20 September) in the evening at 19.00hrs, in Piazza Cavour, the very heart of Ancona, the 21st edition of the Rally Adriatico, race valid as second last round of the Italian Rally, Production and Junior championships, Gravel Trophy with validity also for the ACI CSAI R1 Trophy and for the National Rally Trophy, will get underway. The race will also be decisive for the single brand trophies Renault Clio R3, that will end in Cingoli, and for the Twingo R2 Top , the Citroen Racing Trophy and the Suzuki Rally Trophy, as the latter three series will be at their second last act. Thirteen drivers of ACI Team Italy – that are the selected ones among the best talents in the Italian Rally – will make it to the start.

Following a day dedicated to technical and sportive scrutineering, the 56 entered lineups are getting ready to face the shakedown scheduled for tomorrow morning (from 10.00hrs local time to 14.00hrs) in Colognola, while the official start from Ancona is set for 19.00. The drivers' effort for the evening will be to go through the "Avenale" of 8.18 km stage twice. The race will get to its heart on Sunday 21 September with nine stages: "Dei Laghi" (11,64 km) "Colle del Verdicchio" (9,36 km) and "Castel Sant'Angelo" (15,08 km) to be repeated three times for a total of 108Km all on gravel. The finish line and prize ceremony are set for 18:00hrs in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II.

Not to be missed is the TV and web coverage of the 21st Rally Adriatico. Four live streaming moments by ACI Sport Italia will give insights into the race. The first two streaming events are scheduled for tomorrow, Saturday19 September at 20:55 and 22:25, from the stop point of the "Avenale" stage after the first and second loop with the spectacular drivers interviews right after their effort. The other two appointments will be after the Dei Laghi stage, at the stop point at 09:52 and 13:23. These feeds will be available as usual at the official website Rai Sport 2 will have a live coverage on Sunday from the finish line of Cingoli from 17.40.

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