Alessandro Perico and Mauro Turati, Peugeot T16 R5 win the 38th Rally Il Ciocco and Valle del Serchio

Behind them, Rudy Michelini, Citroen DS3 R5 and Nicola Caldani, Ford Fiesta R5.

Il Ciocco, 22 March 2015 - Alessandro Perico and Mauro Turati, Peugeot 208 T16 R5, fitting Pirelli tires ended on top the 38th Rally of Ciocco and Valle del Serchio, season opener of the Italian Rally 2015 Championship. The very quick driver from Bergamo proceeded Rudy Michelini, on Citroen DS3 R5 run by Procar Motorsport, with Pirelli tires by thirty-five seconds. The third time went to the driver from Versilia Nicola Caldani on Ford Fiesta R5, with Hankook tires, slowed down by a couple of penalties he has been ended towards the end of the rally closing at forty-five seconds from Perico. The fourth absolute time went to the driver from Brescia Stefano Albertini with the expert Danilo Fappani at the notes on the Peugeot 208 R5. The fifth absolute position went to the Tuscan Paolo Andreucci and Anna Andreussi from Friuli on Peugeot 208 T16 R5. Unlucky retirement for Skoda's works driver Giandomenico Basso who had to leave the rally after crashing his GPL powered Ford Fiesta R5 after two kilometers of the twenty of the "Coreglia" stage. The sixth absolute time went to the young Italo-Swiss Stefano Baccega on Ford Fiesta R5.
In the Italian Junior the victory went to Giuseppe Testa and Emanuele Inglesi on Peugeot 208 R2, who led the driver from Cuneo Michele Tassone and Nicolò Marchioro. Testa, from Molise of ACI Team Italy ended seventh absolute, while Tassone ended the top ten of the Tuscan rally behind Scattolon and Ciava. In the Italian Production Rally the victory went to Giacomo Scattolon and Fabio Grimaldi, on Renault Clio R3, ahead of the driver from Savona Fabrizio Jr Andolfi, who was the first in the single branded Renault Clio R3T. The first round of the Renault Trophy dedicated to the Twingo R2 challengers was won by Giorgio Bernardi.

In ACI R1 Trophy Claudio Gubertini and Alberto Ialungo on Suzuki Swift 1.6 got the win out of the 14 lineups present at the first round of the ACI R1 Trophy. The driver from Emilia was also first in the Suzuki Rally Trophy and dominated the absolute classification fighthing until the end against Alessandro Uliana and Paolo Amorisco. Great performance also for Stefano Martinelli.

THE FINAL CLASSIFICATION OF THE 38TH RALLY IL CIOCCO AND VALLE DEL SERCHIO: 1.Perico-Turati (Peugeot T16 R5) in 1:54'32.3; 2.Michelini-Perna(Citroen DS3 R5) at 35.5; 3..#NC3-Farnocchia (Ford Fiesta R5) at 45; 4.Albertini-Fappani (Peugeot 208 R5) at 56.9;5. Andreucci- Andreussi (Peugeot T16 R5) at 2'25.8; 6. Baccega-Ottaviani (Ford Fiesta R5) at 3'59.9; 7. Testa-Inglesi (Peugeot 208 R2) at 9'06.1; 8. Scattolon-Grimaldi (Renault Clio R3) at 9'06.7.;9. Ciava-Ciucci (Ford Fiesta R5) at 9'48.4;10. Tassone- Michi (Peugeot 208 R2) at 9'53.4.

CIR Absolute Classification: 1.Perico 15; Caldani 12; 3. Albertini 10; 4. Andreucci 8; 5.Baccega  6; 6.Ciava 5; 7.Tassone 4.
CIR Production: 1.Scattolon 15;2.Andolfi 12;3. Ferrarotti 10.
CIR Junior: 1.Testa 15;2.Tassone 12;3.Marchioro 10. ; 4.DeTommaso 8.; 5.Gheno 6;6.Trevisani 5; 7.Bernardi 4 ; 8.Panzani 3.
CIR Constructors: 1.Peugeot 19; 2.Ford 15; 3.Renault 3.
Production Constructors: Renault 15.