Paolo Andreucci and Anna Andreussi, Peugeot 208 T16 R5 win the 99th Targa Florio

The final verdicts of the fourth round of the Italian Rally Championship have been given today. The Tuscany driver secured the ninth victory. Umberto Scandola, Skoda Fabia S2000 second. Paris' Sebastien Chardonnet, Ford Fiesta R5, third.

Palermo, 30 May 2015 - Paolo Andreucci and Anna Andreussi on Peugeot 208 T16 R5 got the victory of the 99th Targa Florio, rally organized by Automobile Club di Palermo in collaboration with Automobile Club d'Italia. The second place went to Skoda Motorsport Italia's Umberto Scandola and Guido d'Amore on Fabia S2000 at 47's. The French Sebastien Chardonnet obtained a great third place on Ford Fiesta R5 run by team Ford Racing with Thibault De La Haye at the notes.
Paolo Andreucci, Anna Andreussi and Peugeot Italia won the fourth act of the Italian Rally in Sicily. The Peugeot Italia's driver had a problem to the gearbox of his Peugeot 208 T16 early on but then got the lead winning nine stages out of thirteen keeping the lead until the flag taking his ninth success at the Targa Florio. Scandola on Fabia Super 2000 and Chardonnet on Ford Fiesta R5 run a regular rally taking a handy result for the classification. The fourth absolute place was obtained by Luca Rossetti who is competing for the Italian Production Rally and for the Renault Clio R3. The driver from Friuli had the upper hand and left only crumbs to his rivals Ferrarotti and Andolfi Jr. Among the positive surprises of this race, the driver from Corleone Matteo Vintaloro run a good race on his Citroen Ds3 R5 in fifth absolute place. The two youngsters selected by ACI Team Italia, Tassone and Testa, in the Italian Rally Junior put in good times and a good fight. The driver from Cuneo Tassone had the best at the end of a long series of position switches between the two Peugeot 208 R2. Out of the games the driver from Veneto BRC, Giandomenico Basso who compromised his chances to get the podium together with Lorenzo Granai, after going out in the stage of Campofelice on Friday, despite setting times very close to those of Andreucci in six stages and winning three. Alessandro Perico also retired due to an incident during SS4 on his Peugeot 208, as the Sicilians Marco Runfola, on 208 who broke a suspension after an incident in SS2, and Salvatore "Totò" Riolo who had to give up due to an incident of his Skoda Fabia during SS5. He then stopped during the morning transfer after being back in the race with the Superally formula. In Suzuki Rally Trophy, race valid for ACI R1 Trophy, the Swift R1B of Claudio Vallino, Alessandro Uliana and Claudio Gubertini put in great times. The driver from Modena eventually managed to better the other two rivals in the trophy.

FINAL CLASSIFICATION OF THE 99th TARGA FLORIO: 1.Andreucci-Andreussi (Peugeot 208 T16 R5)in 1'36.10.7; 2. Scandola-D'Amore (Skoda Fabia S2000) at 47.0; 3. Chardonnet-De La Haye (Ford Fiesta R5) at 1'32.4; 4.Rossetti-Chiarcossi (Renault Clio R3T) at 6'17.1;5. Vintaloro-Cambria (Citroen DS3 R5) at 7'08.9; 6.Tassone-Michi (Peugeot 208 R2) at 7'40.9; 7. Testa-Inglesi (Peugeot 208 R2) at 7'49.3;8. Ferrarotti-Fenoli (Renault Clio R3T) at 7'59.9; 9.Rossi-Torlasco(Peugeot 208 R2) at 9'55.7;10.Andolfi-Rocca (Renault Clio R3T) at 13'22.8.

CIR Absolute Classification: 1.Andreucci 44; 2.Scandola 35;3. Chardonnet 28; 4.Basso 22;Albertini 18; 6.Perico 15; 7. Baccega e Caldani 10; 9.Tassone 7; Ciava 6.

CIR Production Classification: 1. Ferrarotti 49;2.;2. Rossetti and Andolfi 30; 4.Scattolon 25.

CIR Junior Classification: 1.Tassone 57; 2.Testa 51; 3.Marchioro 28; 4.Rossi 24; 5.Panzani 19;6. Ferighi 16.

CIR Constructors Classification: 1.Peugeot 63;2.Ford 54;3.Skoda 35; Renault 14.

Production constructors: Renault 60.