Rallye Elba Day One.Simone Campedelli and Tania Canton, Ford Fiesta R5 run by Orange1 Racing end on top

The rally is still open though, as Andreucci, Peugeot, is second at 10”6s and Crugnola, Ford, third at 10”8s are still in the fight for the victory of this prestigious classic rally. Five more stages to go today.


Portoferraio Saturday, May 26, 2018. Simone Campedelli, leads Andreucci and Crugnola. The latter two are virtually equal 10s off the pace of the leader. The Ford driver led the rally since the start, but despite winning four tests out of five, he could not pull away, keeping games open in day two that will kick off with its two longest stages: “Volterraio-Cavo” of more than 26 km and the classic “Due Mari” of more than 22 km to be run twice.

Games are still open, even though this first part of the rally showed great focus by Simone Campedelli and Tania Canton, the usual victory thirst of Paolo Andreucci and the motivation of Andrea Crugnola, and Danilo Fappani. Out of the games for the victory, unless dramas, are Umberto Scandola and Guido D’Amore on Skoda Fabia R5, since they are fourth but 44”9s shy of the leader, Rudy Michelini and Michele Perna also on Skoda Fabia, are fifth at 57”2s. The gaps are slightly bigger in the second part of the top ten, that includes Pollara, Peugeot 208 T16, the young Finn Emil Lindholm, Hyundai I20, Antonio Rusce, Ford Fiesta R5, home hero Francesco Bettini, Ford Fiesta R5, and Giuseppe Testa, Ford R5.

In the 2WD, the battle has involved the two Renault Clio RT3 of Ivan Ferrarotti and Riccardo Canzian, the first proceeded the second at the end of day one by 2”6s. Giorgio Cogni and Andrea Scalzotto put in great tests in the Suzuki Rally Trophy; while Alberto Paris has been shining among the R1A of the Twingo R1 Top Trophy.

On Saturday, May 26th, crews will get out of night regrouping at 08,00 all set to face five tests. The schedule follows: S.S.6 “Volterraio-Cavo”(26,31 km) at 9:21; S.S.7 “Due Mari” (22,35 km) at 11:08; S.S.8 “Bagnaia-Rio”(9,95 km) at 13:32; S.S.9 “Buonconsiglio-Accolta”(14,90 km) at 12:34; S.S.10 “Due Mari 2” (22,35 km) ,at 16.25. The closure to the rally will take place in Portoferraio at 17:25, which will close a difficult day with further 95,860 km of battles.

51st RALLYE ELBA – CLASSIFICATION AFTER 5 STAGES: 1.Campedelli-Canton (Ford Fiesta R5) in 36'03.7s; 2. Andreucci-Andreussi (Peugeot 208 T16 R5) at 10.6s; 3. Crugnola-Fappani (Ford Fiesta R5) at 10.8s; 4. Scandola-D’Amore (Skoda Fabia R5) at 44.9s; 5. Michelini-Perna (Skoda Fabia R5) at 57.2s; 6. Pollara-Princiotto (Peugeot 208 T16 R5) at 1’00.4s; 7.Lindholm-Korhonen (Hyundai i20 R5) at 1’03.8s; 8.Rusce-Farnocchia (Ford Fiesta R5) at 1’16.8s; 9. Bettini-Acri (Ford Fiesta R5) at 1’19.1s; 10.Testa-Bizzocchi (Ford Fiesta R5) at 1’24.6s.