The first long day of the 66th Rallye Sanremo

Campedelli closed on top also the second loop on the San Romolo and keeps the lead from Craig Breen and Giandomenico Basso. Challenges are still on as four more tests are ahead.

This long and tough day of the 66th Rallye Sanremo reached its end with the second loop on the San Romolo test where Simone Campedelli, Tania Canton and their Ford Fiesta R5 posted again the quickest time in 9.41.3s.
Behind them, Andrea Crugnola and co-driver Pietro Ometto put in a good test ending 2''9s behind on the Polo R5. They were followed by Giandomenico Basso and Lorenzo Granai on Skoda, 3s shy. Craig Breen and Paul Nagle did not take too many risks and end the day 20’’8s shy of Campedelli.
Giandomenico Basso held therefore on to the third place of the overall classification being 27’’5s shy of the Orange1 Racing’ driver.
Citroen Italia’s Luca Rossetti closed his effort 35"6s short of the leader, while the French Franceschi overtook the Italian Rudy Michelini in the overall classification by only one-tenth of a second.

The overall classification after six tests: 1. Campedelli-Canton (Ford Fiesta R5) in 59'20.1; 2.Breen-Nagle (Skoda Fabia R5) at 20.8; 3. Basso-Granai (Skoda Fabia R5) at 27.5; 4.Rossetti-Mori (Citroen C3 R5) at 35.6; 5. Crugnola-Ometto (Volkswagen Polo R5) at 43.9; 6. Franceschi-Haut Labourdette (Skoda Fabia R5) at 2’11.; 7. Michelini-Perna (Skoda Fabia R5) at 2’11.1; 8.Rusce-Farnocchia (Volkswagen Polo R5) at 2’54.7; 9.Habaj-Dymurski (Skoda Fabia R5) at 3'20;10. Scattolon-Nobili (Skoda Fabia R5) at 3'38.

The times of PS6: LINK

In the 2WD Trophy, Tommaso Ciuffi went fastest again – five times on six stages – and is 15’’1s clear of the Ford driven by Luca Panzani. In the CIR Junior the Ford Fiesta of Marco Pollara is setting the pace at the end of the day and is followed by a great Giorgio Bernardi.

Stefano Albertini and Danilo Fappani, Škoda Fabia R5 lost 8 minutes in the Mini Ronde due to a puncture after being close to the podium in the first four tests and leading the Italian Asphalt Trophy. Marcello Razzini and Gianmaria Marcomini retired as a wheel was knocked off their car in the Monte Bignone test.

The first of the four remaining stages is the "Testico" at 11:54.


The program of Saturday, April 13th:

Overnight regroup exit at 10:11 | Service Park “C” 10:11 - 10:41- Live Streaming ACI Sport from Service Park at 10:05

TG Sport Rai 2 connection at 11.00

ss.7 "Testico" at 11:54| 14,24 km
ss.8 "San Bartolomeo" at 12:20| 10,53 km
ss.9 "Colle d'Oggia" 12:38| 7,89 km

Regroup in Forte S.Tecla 13:42 – 15:33
Service Park “D” 15:33 - 16:03

ss.10 "Testico - Colle d'Oggia" at 17:16| 34,45 km

Live Streaming ACI Sport at 17:30

TG Sport XL Rai 2 at 18:30

Service Park “E” 18:45 - 18:55

Finish at 19:00 in Corso Imperatrice


In the pictures: Campedelli-Canton (Ford Fiesta R5) | Breen-Nagle (Skoda Fabia R5) | Ciuffi- Gonella (Peugeot 208 R2B)