Format and racing Protocol rally 2020: the restart of competitions defined

The Federation, organizers of rally series and tyres constructors had a meeting to discuss the new format of the series and single events, the guidelines for restarting the competition and to make the point of the situation case by case.

The Rally Commission and its President Daniele Settimo organized yesterday a teleconference with the Federation, Organizers of Rally series (Italian Rally Championship, Italian Gravel Trophy and Italian WRC Championship), the Organizers of the races of Zone Rally Cup ACI Sport to be held in the second semester, delegates of the series IRC and Race Day and tyres Constructors.

The Federation was represented by the Director for motorsport of ACI Marco Ferrari, ACI Sport General Director Marco Rogano, ACI Sport Rally Commission President Daniele Settimo and the Rally Safety Manager Luciano Tedeschini.

After the opening of Marco Ferrari who analyzed what done by the Federation in the past few months, the new Format for series and single rally events of 2020 has been briefly introduced. Specifically, the number of events to be held for each series, the limitation on the length of competitions, the reduction on the number of stages and mileage. All these elements are intended to reduce costs and make it easier to obtain the due permissions for organizers.

The main subject of the meeting has been the introduction of the new “Technical-sporting-medical protocol for Rally” devised by the Federation together with the Sporting Medical Commission that will be in use at the restart of competitions. The protocol includes all the operational modalities that must be followed by organizers while setting up their events. This detailed document will now have to be implemented concretely.

The protocol will not be published until the Government will decide the date of the restart for sporting activities. Only then the document could be finalized with the latest updates following the sanitary situation and the most recent Decree-Laws.

The meeting continued with an evaluation of the state of the art of each event, the desire of every single organizer to proceed or not proceed with it, problems of each territory, special regulations and acquisition of the permissions. The shared sentiment was for a prompt restart and a commitment to follow the rules dictated by the Federation.

This meeting will be followed by another one shortly with the Organizers of the events of the first semester of the 2020 Zone Rally Cup.