Mugello free practice: Hauger shows his strength

On the fast Tuscan track, it is the strong Norwegian driver of Van Amersfoort to set an amazing best time in free practice, as official qualifying approach

Lorenzo Ferrari (Antonelli Motorsport) in free practice 1 (1’47.478) and Dennis Hauger in free practice 2 (1’46.675) are the two fastest drivers of the 2 free practice sessions. But as tradition it is the second session, where the drivers put on new tyres, that gives best lap times, with first indications on potential results in qualifying, which will start this afternoon at 16.30.

So, in free practice 2 after Hauger we find the second fastest is Jonny Edgar (Jenzer Motorsport - 1’47.217) and, third, Lorenzo Ferrari (1’47.324).

Official times and standings can be found at: