Tatuus F3 ready for Scuderia DF Corse by Corbetta

Scuderia DF Corse by Corbetta widens its effort from the Italian F4 to the Formula Regional

Scuderia DF Corse by Corbetta has collected its Tatuus F3 T-318 with Alfa Romeo 270 HP engine, with which this year the team will participate to the Formula Regional European Championship certified by FIA.

The Centro Ricerca Racing, owner of the team, is complete with an advanced fitness system for drivers, a last generation software for data acquisition and analysis and a futuristic simulator. An additional “portable” simulator is always brought on track with the team to support drivers in the moments of the day when track is not open for testing.

Talks are taking place and final name of the driver racing with the team will be communicated in the next days.  

Scuderia DF Corse by Corbetta widens in this way its presence from F4 also to FRegional. The same team will continue its mandate in 2019 for testing of RCST, the Human Telemetry System, in this case widening the development also on FRegional cars.