Team Maestro by Cram and Gillian Track Events GTE officially in the Formula Regional 2020

With the important starting base of all 2019 teams confirming their participation in the 2020 Championship, new teams are officially entering the FIA certified Series, bringing the total number of teams today to 10

Team Maestro by Cram and Gillian Track Events GTE bring to a really positive number, 10, the total of the teams participating to the 2020 Formula Regional Championship certified by FIA. This is another additional confirmation of the good work done in 2019 and the great technical and organizational base of the Championship, which has by far the highest number of Super Licence points available among equivalent series, 25.

After the officialization of Arthur Leclerc and Gianluca Petecof, both FDA drivers, by Prema Powerteam, the French Gillian Herion is officially participating to the 2020 Championship with the Gillian Track Events GTE Team.

Referring to Team Maestro by Cram, they will share experience and logistics with Cram Motorsport, based in Via Trieste, 28/E, 22036 Erba (CO), Italy, and contact details are Egor Nazarov ( , +7 926 168 8569), Juraj Drzik (, +421 902 741979) and Gabriele Rosei ( , +39 0313 338214).