Red above all, and an amazing Bortoleto

The fast and attentive Italian makes no mistake, while Bortoleto's comeback from 12th to second final position is stratospheric. Then Ugran, while Minì is a bit in difficulty and ends up at the foot of the podium. Great Fornaroli fifth, while Beganovic conquers the sixth position.

At the start, Rosso starts well and immediately stretches, while Ugran attacks and overtakes Minì. Reynos comes out who risks too much in the first corners. The positions at the end of the first lap therefore see Rosso, Ugran, Minì, Fornaroli and Gnos.

Rosso is the fastest and stretches, while Dino Beganovic (PREMA Powerteam) comes along and touches the innocent Jonny Edgar (Van Amersfoort ARcing) who comes out.

In the meantime the American Jac Crawford attacks Gnos, but makes a mistake and goes off the track, only to return several positions behind. Excellent Gabriel Bortoleto (PREMA Powerteam) who attacks and super Axel Gnos (G4 Racing). Subsequently Beganovic attacks Gnos who has a damaged front wing, while excellent Francesco Pizzi (Van Amersfoort Racing) who recovers up to 9th place, behind Sebastian Montoya (PREMA Powerteam). The latter touches himself with Gnos and the two go into a spin.

A fantastic Leonardo Fornaroli (Iron Lynx) is fast and very close to Minì in difficulty, while behind him a masterful Bortoleto attacks Fornaroli and passes conquering the third position from the 12th start; extraordinary.

Bortoleto flies and wins the second position on Ugran. The Brazilian driver is now 6 seconds behind a very fast Rosso.

Bortoleto continues a sequence of fast laps, while Rosso still responds with excellent lap times. Minì, on the other hand, is in crisis attacked by Fornaroli, who, however, fails to conquer the position on the Sicilian.

Rosso wins, second Bortoleto, third Ugran, fifth Minì, Fornaroli and Beganovic.

Tomorrow race 2 will start at 11.40, while race 3 will start at 16.40. This time, however, Bortoleto will start from pole position in both races and it will be hard, in similar conditions, to fight him.