Leclerc masterpiece, Chovet is perfect

In an exciting and complicated race due to the variable track conditions, the Monegasque once again seems from another planet in the wet, while Chovet gets an extraordinary second place thanks to a perfect strategy, held back only by the safety car.

Wet track, but without rain and slowly getting drier. It is Pierre-Louis Chovet (Van Amersfoort Racing), Laura Jamie Chadwick (PREMA Powerteam), Gillian Henrion (Gillian Track events GTE) and Andrea Cola (Monolite Racing) and Konsta Lappalainen (KIC Motorsport) who try the slick card, which later perfectly fits. The track is in fact faster after a few laps with slicks than with rain and the 4 riders led by Chovet slowly conquer the top positions, while the rest of the grid, except Lappalainen who makes a trivial mistake in the warm-up lap with slick tyres, is forced first to look for areas of asphalt that are still wet, and then to return to the pits to change tires from rain to slick.



When the drivers return from the pits, Chovet is ahead of Henrion, Chadwick and Cola. Even Leclerc, who waits most of all, eventually replaces and mounts the slicks, but he does it a moment too soon, since after a while the rain starts again and does it intensely.

The situation is quickly reversed and the drivers one after the other are forced to return to the pits to mount rain tires on a track now totally wet.

In the chaos of the change of positions, however, Chovet and Henrion find themselves first and second, while Cola makes a mistake and exits. The safety car is inevitable and the group regroups.



At that point, Leclerc switches to rain mode and begins lap after lap to be absolutely the fastest on track, giving everyone between 3.5 and 4 seconds, at an incredible pace. Gradually, the Monegasque overtakes his opponents from fourth position, overtaking Chadwick, Henrion and then Chovet, unlucky as he found himself with a huge advantage over Leclerc, an advantage canceled by the Safety Car.

Petecof saves what he can, but in no way manages to have the pace of his teammate, and finishes third, behind a phenomenal Leclerc and Chovet, who still gets an amazing result. Following we find Henrion, Alessandro Famularo (Van Amersfoort Racing), Oliver Rasmussen (PREMA Powerteam), Emidio Pesce (DR Formula) and Patrik Pasma (KIC Motorsport).