Monza, race 2: Rasmussen is second but wins

The Danish driver of PREMA passes second on the finish line, but wins due to the 5 "penalty to Pasma. Petecof with the sixth place goes to the lead of the general classification thanks to the retirement of Leclerc. Excellent Lappalainen, Chovet and Famularo.

Sunny day, but cold morning in Monza with the air at 7.3 ° C and asphalt at 12.2 ° C. At the start Petecof (PREMA Powerteam) attacks Patrik Pasma (KIC Motorsport) who started from pole and passes him, but the Finn immediately regains his position. Meanwhile Oliver Rasmussen (PREMA Powerteam) passes second against Gianluca Petecof.

Pasma stretches on his pursuers with the best lap times. In the meantime, in the positions behind the leading 4, Konsta Lappalainen (KIC Motorsport) has the better of the two Van Amersfoort Racing drivers, Alessandro Famularo and Pierre-Louis Chovet, and gains fifth position.



In the following laps the only one to keep pace with Pasma is Rasmussen, who approaches the Finn, while the first two of the general classification, Leclerc and Petecof, fight for fourth position.

In the parabolic, Pesce and Henrion meet, the latter forced to retire, while the safety car enters to allow the Frenchman's car to be recovered.

Pasma gets off to a good start, and then Rasmussen, Petecof, Leclerc, Lappaleinen and Chovet parade. Leclerc passes Petecof, but the two touch each other and Petecof pierces the right rear due to a contact with the front left mustache of the Monegasque's car. The Brazilian thus falls to the rear. In the meantime, Lappaleinen passes Leclerc, and behind them an excellent Famularo and Chovet. Meanwhile, Laura Chadwick and Nico Goehler touch each other and go off the track. The safety car enters when Pasma is first, ahead of Rasmussen, Lappalainen, Famularo, Chovet and Cola.



At the restart Rasmussen attacks Pasma, who resists. In the meantime, Petecof replaces the tires and is last, but joins the group thanks to the safety car.

The race direction penalizes Patrik Pasma by 5"for incorrect restart procedure zigzagging to warm up the tires behind the safety car. In the meantime, Leclerc retires due to car problems.

Pasma stretches in an attempt to gain the 5" on his pursuer necessary for the victory, but there is no more time. Pasma passes first under the finish line, but due to the penalty to the Finn the winner is Oliver Rasmussen (PREMA Powerteam), in front of Lappalainen, Chovet, Pasma and Famularo.