Barcelona race 1: Rasmussen wins, too bad for Chovet

The poleman of the VAR stalls at the start and has to fight to recover up to the seventh position. Rasmussen wins quick to take the lead over Hauger who is "only" third behind Leclerc. Fifth Petecof who started seventh.

Bad start for poleman Pierre-Louis Chovet, who stalls, while Prema drivers Oliver Rasmussen and Arthur Leclerc pass first and second, while Dennis Hauger (Van Amersfoort Racing) goes from second to third at the first corner, also not exceptional at the start . Pasma, Petecof and Nannini follow. Chovet eventually manages to start, but is last at 5 seconds.



On the track, in addition to Hauger, Matteo Nannini makes his debut driving the car of Andrea Cola (Monolite Racing), who unfortunately injured his arm for reasons not related to motor racing.

The group of cars is very compact in the first laps up to 7th position of Konsta Lappaleinen (KIC Motorsport). Meanwhile Chovet is on a rampage and quickly recovers, overtakes Pesce and Chadwick and climbs to 9th.

Nannini makes a mistake in the attempt to overtake and is overtaken by Lappalainen, Gillian and then Chovet. The latter also passes Gillian Henrion in a few corners.



With 8 minutes plus a lap to the end of the race, Rasmussen is still ahead of Leclerc, Hauger, Pasma and Petecof. The leader of the race is really the most fit and sets up fast laps that allow him to stretch over the second on the very close pursuers, all very close to one another.

In the last corners Chovet also attacks Lappalainen but fails to overtake.

Rasmussen deservedly wins, ahead of Leclerc, Hauger, Pasma, Petecof who tries to contain the damage, and Lappalainen.