Imola, race 1: Rodriguez and DR Formula win

The driver from Guatemala leads from the start with Rasmussen not starting due to gearbox problems. Behind Hauger second in the end leads Leclerc, finally third, to a mistake.

Before leaving, unfortunately, the poleman Oliver Rasmussen is stuck in the pits still with unresolved gearbox problems.

At the start, on a sunny circuit on a cold day, Hauger (Van Amersfoort Racing) sprints well, but then finds himself closed between Rodriguez (DR Formula) and Leclerc (Prema Powerteam), who pass first and second. After a few curves Jamie Chadwick touches up with Emidio Pesce and goes into a spin on the Variante Alta. In the meantime, the first three stretch over Chovet fourth.

After the first 10 minutes of the race Rodriguez, Leclerc and Hauger are within a single second, with the Monegasque attached to the Guatemalan driver who takes advantage of every curb and space of the track, even going out with two wheels on the gravel. Slowly Rodriguez stretches slightly taking advantage of the battle between Leclerc and Hauger, immediately behind.



In great difficulty Gianluca Petecof in seventh position, who comes out on the ground and is overtaken by Gillian Henrion.

Show 8 minutes from the end with Leclerc who goes wide on the gravel at Rivazza and Hauger passes. At this point, Rodriguez is ahead of the Norwegian by 1.2 seconds. Behind the first three Chovet, Lappalainen and Pasma battle it out within just one second.

In the meantime, Hauger approaches Rodriguez with a series of fast laps and falls below the second behind with 3 minutes plus one lap from the end. The gap continues to decrease, while the time at the end of the race is also reduced. A minute plus a lap from the end, Hauger is 6 tenths behind Rodriguez, while Leclerc is two seconds away from the Norwegian.



In the last meters, Rodrigues actually stretches, also thanks to an error by Hauger who is at the limit in an attempt to reach the leader. The gap is now over one minute and the last lap sees the victory of the driver from Guatemala; an extraordinary victory for him and for DR Formula.

Rodriguez wins, ahead of Hauger, Leclerc, Chovet, Lappalainen and Pasma. Petecof is only eighth and loses the championship lead in favor of the Monegasque.

"It's a great emotion, and I have to thank God first of all; only thanks to him can we race and win. The team was perfect. I felt the pressure throughout the race, first from Leclerc, then from Hauger who was fast behind me in the last few laps. Tomorrow I expect to win again ", comments the champion of Guatemala.