20 ottobre18:40
Monza, race-2 victory and Italian GT Sprint Championship to Agostini-Rovera (Mercedes AMG GT3)
The second place in the race made Comandini-Johansson (BMW M6 GT3) the runner ups, while Postiglione-Mul (Lamborghini Huracan) were sixth but claimed P3 in the final classification. The GT4 title had already been assigned in race-1 to Riccitelli-De Castro and Piccioli-Pera won race two, while the GT Light victory went to Lippi-Sernagiotto (Ferrari 458 Italia) and GT Cup's to D'Aste-Tarabini (Lotus Exige).
19 ottobre21:32
Monza, race-1 to Abe-Colombo (Ferrari 488) as the GT4 title is secured by Riccitelli-De Castro (Porsche Cayman)
AF Corse pairing proceeded Veglia-Crestani and Comandini-Johansson, but the games are still on for the title. The GT4 victory went to Ghezzi-Camathias, while Lippi-Sernagiotto (Ferrari 458 Italia) won GT Light. Race two live on Raisport tomorrow.
16 ottobre14:54
The closing round of the Italian GT Sprint Championship in Monza to decide the overall and GT4 titles
After the grand finale of the Endurance championship in Mugello, this coming weekend the Sprint series will see four cars and as many marques (Lamborghini, Mercedes, BMW and Ferrari) in the quest for the title. In GT4 the duel will involve Porsche and BMW with 3 lineups still in the title hunt. Race-1 (AutomotoTV) and race-2 (Raisport) live on TV.
6 ottobre20:44
Mugello, the race to Gai-Fuoco (Ferrari 488) and the Italian title to Stefano Gai, while Ghezzi-Chiesa (Porsche Cayman) win the GT4 title
Scuderia Baldini 27 drivers proceeded Postiglione-Mul-Frassineti (Lamborghini Huracan) and the new Italian Champions of Pro-Am Stefano Colombo and Francesca Linossi, supported in the occasion by Daniel Zampieri (Mercedes AMG GT3). The BMW M6 GT3 of Comandini-Johansson-Zanardi retired.
2 ottobre09:40
The grand finale of the Italian GT Endurance Championship with Alex Zanardi on track
The Bolognese will be the guest star of the fourth and closing round of the Italian series that still has to award two titles. In GT3 the challenge is on among BMW, Lamborghini and Ferrari, while in GT4 the duel will involve Porsche, Mercedes and BMW. Qualifying and the three-hours long race will be covered live by AutomotoTV (Sky 228).
25 settembre16:40
Mugello,testing session for "Iron Man” Alessandro Zanardi
Eyeing the closing race of the Endurance series, the Bolognese champion and his coequipers Comandini and Johansson run several laps in the BMW M6 GT3 set up for the race
18 settembre15:44
The great Alessandro Zanardi to be the protagonist of the grand finale of the Endurance Championship in Mugello
The Bolognese driver will get in the BMW M6 GT3 run by BMW Team Italia, properly modified, next to Stefano Comandini and Erik Johansson that are fighting for the Italian GT3 title.
15 settembre21:54
Vallelunga, victory of the 3rd round of the Italian GT Championship Endurance to Comandini-Johansson-Sims (BMW M6 GT3)
BMW Team Italia's drivers proceeded the two Ferrari 488 of Di Amato-Vezzoni and Fisichella-Gai-Villeneuve, but the RS Racing's lineup was later on handed a 25s time penalty and handed the second step of the podium to Scuderia Baldini's drivers.
11 settembre13:09
The Italian GT Championship Endurance series to resume from Vallelunga after the summer break
The circuit located near Rome is all set to stage the third round of the endurance series this coming weekend with nearly sixty drivers behind the wheel of 20 cars. The 3-hours long race will be broadcast live on AutomotoTV (Sky 228) and web streaming on, and
21 luglio15:31
Agostini-Rovera (Mercedes AMG GT3) win race-2 of the 3rd ruond of the Italian GT Sprint Championship in Mugello
Antonelli Motorsport's pairing proceeded Postiglione-Mul (Lamborghini Huracan) and Comandini-Johansson (BMW M6 GT3), reopening the title fight. In the other classes, Lippi-Sernagiotto (GT Light) claimed the victory and are one step closer to the title, Fascicolo-Guerra (GT4) secured the victory and will challenge Riccitelli-De Castro for the victory in the closing two races in Monza.
20 luglio19:13
Mugello, victory to the BMW M6 GT3 of Comandini-Johansson in race-1 at the 3rd round of the Italian GT Championship Sprint
BMW Team Italia drivers proceeded Agostini-Rovera (Mercedes AMG) and Fontana-Kaffer (Audi R8 LMS), while the top step of the podium in GT Light went to the 16 years old Mattia Michelotto (Lamborghini Huracan ST). The victory of GT4 went to Riccitelli-De Castro (Porsche Cayman) following the exclusion of the winners Fascicolo-Guerra after the race due to a technical irregularity.
17 luglio11:24
The third round of the Italian GT Championship Sprint series in Mugello
Nineteen crews will be busy at the circuit close to Florence for the turning point of season 2019. Two races are on the menu, each one of them to be run on the length of 50 minutes plus one lap, with live coverage on TV on Raisport and on the web at and
23 giugno17:08
The victory of Postiglione-Mul (Lamborghini Huracan) in race-2 ended the 2nd weekend of the Sprint Series in Imola
Imperiale Racing's pairing proceeded the two Ferrari 488 of Fuoco-Hudspeth and Di Amato-Vezzoni. In the other classes, Lippi-Sernagiotto repeated the win in GT Light, while Fascicolo-Guerra won GT4 taking the lead of the provisional classification.
22 giugno17:46
Comandini-Johansson (BMW M6) win race-1 at the second round of the Italian GT in Imola
BMW Team Italia's drivers proceeded the two Ferrari 488 driven by Fuoco-Hudspeth and Veglia-Casè. The victory in the other classes went to Lippi-Sernagiotto (GT Light) and Grezzi-Camathias (GT4).
19 giugno07:51
Imola, twenty-seven cars on track for the second round of the Italian GT Championship Sprint series
A season-record at the Enzo e Dino Ferrari circuit of Imola that will have a special guest like former motorbike world champion Loris Capirossi. The two races will be covered live by Raisport and AutomotoTV
19 maggio22:08
Postiglione-Mul-Frassineti (Lamborghini Huracan) win the 2nd round of the Endurance series in Misano
Imperiale Racing's drivers dominated a difficult wet race characterized by several battles for the podium, taking the lead of the classification. The other classes have also been spectacular with victories going to Cristoni-Michelotto-Skaras (GT Light) and Gnemmi-Neri-Pera (GT4).
18 maggio16:33
Agostini-Rovera-Moiseev (Mercedes AMG GT3) take the pole of the second round of the Endurance series
Antonelli Motorsport's drivers proceeded Tujula-Kang and Comandini-Johansson-Sims, while the best time of the other classes went to Paolino-Mantovani-Demarchi (GT Light) and Gnemmi-Nera-Peri (GT4).
15 maggio12:39
The 2nd round of the Italian GT Championship Endurance Series at the Misano World Circuit
The Endurance series that had its opener in Monza with the victory of the BMW M6 GT3 will resume from the circuit in Romagna. Sixty drivers will exchange behind the wheels of 21 cars entered in the three classes (GT3, GT Light and GT4) in the three hours long race.
5 maggio18:55
Agostini-Rovera (Mercedes AMG GT3) win Vallelunga's race-2 at the opener of the Italian GT Championship Sprint

05/05/2019 - Antonelli Motorsport's drivers got on the top step of the podium leading Postiglione-Mul (Lamborghini Huracan) and Fontana-Kaffer (Audi R8 LMS). In the other classes,

4 maggio17:25
Postiglione-Mul (Lamborghini Huracan) win race-1 of the opener of the Italian GT Championship Sprint in Vallelunga
Imperiale Racing's pairing won leading the Mercedes AMG GT3 driven by Agostini-Rovera and the Ferrari 488 by Casè-Veglia. Lippi-Sernagiotto (Ferrari 458 Italia) won GT Light's race, while Riccitelli-De Castro (Porsche Cayman) claimed the win in GT4.
2 maggio10:17
The Sprint series of the Italian GT Championship kicking off from Vallelunga
Following the debut of the Endurance series in Monza, the circuit near Rome will stage the opening meeting of the Sprint series this coming weekend. The series will feature the usual racing format with two races of 50 minutes + 1 lap with 23 cars entered in the classes GT3, GT Light and GT4.
6 aprile16:48
Comandini-Johansson-Krohn (BMW M6 GT3) get the first pole of the Endurance Series of the Italian GT Championship
The fastest time in GT Light to Cristoni-Michelotto-Demarchi (Lamborghini Huracan Super Trofeo), Fascicolo-Guerra-Fontana (BMW M4) on top in GT4.
4 aprile06:22
A new campaign of the Italian GT Championship to start from Monza
The 17th edition of the Italian GT Championship is at the starting blocks with the introduction of two series with separate classifications. The Endurance series is the first to get on track in Monza.
18 marzo12:25
GT 2019: Imperiale Racing's dream team on track
The Mirandola-based squad will field two Lamborghini Huracàn GT3 Evo in both series. Postiglione-Mul to compete in Sprint, while Alex Frassineti in Endurance, as Perolini-Gersekowski. The third driver still to be decided.
26 febbraio17:24
GT 2019, AF Corse ready to field two Ferrari 488 GT3
Following the spot participation in Monza 2018, the Italian outfit will be present full time in both series this year. Currently, only the two lineups Cressoni-Mann-Nielsen (Endurance) and Cressoni-Mann (Sprint) have been made official.
22 febbraio15:46
GT 2019, first test for Villeneuve, Fisichella and Gai on the Ferrari 488 GT3 of Scuderia Baldini in Vallelunga
Eying the forthcoming 17th edition of the Italian GT Championship Endurance series, the three great champions of the Italian outfit got on track for a testing session.
12 febbraio13:02
Giancarlo Fisichella and Jacques Villeneuve on the Ferrari 488 GT3 run by Scuderia Baldini
The former Formula 1 driver will share the wheel of the #27 car in the Italian Endurance GT 2019 Championship. Only the announcement of the third driver is now missing to complete the dream team of the outfit based near Rome.
6 febbraio11:21
Villeneuve, the legend number 27
Jacques will relive great memories of the legend Gilles among motorsport fans, as he will compete in the Italian GT Championship on a red Ferrari carrying the magic number.
4 febbraio08:11
Ferrari-Villeneuve, the legend is back in the Italian GT Championship
Jacques to revive the amazing memories of his father Gilles on the Red 27. The career of the Canadian Champion.
31 gennaio12:55
Amazing news! Jacques Villeneuve at the start of the Italian GT Championship with Scuderia Baldini 27
The historic Ferrari-Villeneuve pairing on the number 27 Red car run by the Italian team will be back in the Italian GT.
29 gennaio12:27
GT 2019, brand new cars for Antonelli Motorsport
The Italian outfit will field the new Mercedes AMG cars in GR3 and the Sin R1 in GT4.
28 gennaio11:31
Seven Italian titles and four National cups in all the series of the Italian Grand Touring 2019 Championship
Drivers, Constructors and Teams titles to be awarded in the GT Endurance and GT Sprint.