Ferrari-Spinelli (Mercedes AMG GT4) win race two of the second round of the Italian GT Sprint at Mugello

Antonelli Motorsport's drivers claimed a splendid win leading the Lamborghini Huracan driven by Galbiati-Venturini and Kroes-Pulcini. The BMW M4 GT4 of Guerra-Riccitelli won class GT4, while GT Cup was won again by the Ferrari 488 Challenge of Greco-Chiesa. The next round will take place in Monza on October 16-18th.

Lorenzo Ferrari and Loris Spinelli are the race2 winners of the 2nd round of the Italian GT Sprint Championship held at the Mugello Circuit. The Antonelli Motorsport drivers in the Mercedes AMG GT3 led the two Lamborghinis Huracan of Galbiati-Venturini (Imperiale Racing) and Kroes-Pulcini (VSR).

Class GT3 PRO-AM was won by Nemoto-Tujula (Lamborghini Huracan-VSR), while GT3 AM by Cassarà-De Giacomi (Porsche GT3R-Dinamic Motorsport). The victory of GT4 went to Guerra-Riccitelli (BMW M4 GT4-BMW Team Italia), while Greco-Chiesa (Ferrari 488 Challenge-Easy Race) repeated the victory scored in race-1 in GT Cup. Classifications are still wide open. GT3 is currently led by Agostini (56), GT3 PRO-AM by Nemoto-Tujula (60), GT3 AM by Cassarà-De Giacomi (55), GT4 PRO-AM by Segù-De Luca and Belicchi-Vullo (53), GT4 AM by Vebster-Riva (57) and GT Sprint by Greco-Chiesa (75). Race 1’s classification is still sub-judice as Audi Sport Italia filed an appeal to the stewards' decision to hand Drudi-Agostini a 5s time penalty due to irregular driver change.


GT3: A strong victory by Ferrari-Spinelli came after the pairing always kept within the top two following a great start by the driver from Abruzzo, who has always trailed the poleman Galbiati. The lead of the race came for Antonelli Motorsport’s drivers at the end of the first stint when Spinelli got the most of the lapping of slower rivals and took the lead. His not yet 18 years old co-equiper Lorenzo Ferrari kept the lead throughout his stint thanks also to a perfect car that allowed him to pull away from Venturini and take the second win of the season ahead of Imperiale Racing’s drivers. In the closing stages, Venturini struggled with the setup of his car and had to fend off Kroes, but the Imperiale Racing’s driver managed to keep his Lambo ahead of the sister car run by VS Racing. The first stint put in by Pulcini has been incredible. He was the last at the start but climbed quickly up to P5, handing the car over to Kroes that crossed the finish line in P3 leading the Ferrari 488 of Roda-Rovera. The AF Corse drivers bounced back from the disappointment of race-1, courtesy of the second stint put in by Rovera who climbed up from P9 taking the fourth place off the BMW of Comandini-Zug in the final lap Behind the BMW Team Italia’s drivers, the new classification leaders of PRO-AM Nemoto-Tujula that were second in race-1 completing a good weekend that placed the VSR drivers as title contenders behind Ferrari and Audi’s Mancinelli and Agostini. The driver from Padova was sided by Mattia Drudi at Mugello and after the victory in race-1 they claimed a P7. The Audi car had to serve a heavy handicap time and the battle for the championship will be on in Monza and Vallelunga.
The top ten was rounded off by the two Ferraris 488 of Di Amato-Vezzoni (RS Racing) and Mann-Cressoni (AF Corse), that were respectively in second and third place of GT3 PRO-AM, and the Lamborghini Huracan of Cazzaniga-Marcucci (LP Racing), while the victory of GT3 AM went to Cassarà-De Giacomi (Porsche GT3R-Dinamic Motorsport).





GT4: The victory of the BMW M4 GT4 of Francesco Guerra and Simone Riccitelli has been a showcase of power. In the first stint Guerra managed to keep P3 close to De Castro and Segù, while Simone Riccitelli came to the fore in the second stint finding his way past Piccioli first, who took over from De Castro, and De Luca then, who took over from Segù. Once on top, the driver from Fabriano pulled away taking the win ahead of the two Mercedes AMG GT4 of Belicchi-Vullo and Segù-De Luca. The Villorba Corse drivers ran a recovery race and after Vullo’s P4 in the first stint, a great Belicchi climbed up to P2 which is very useful for the championship as it allowed the pairing to take the lead of the GT4 PRO-AM with Segù-De Luca. Nova Race led the first stint with Segù and eventually proceeded the four Porsche Caymans of Gnemmi-Pera, Piccioli-De Castro (Ebimotors), Vebster-Riva (Centro Porsche Ticino) that were the first of GT4 AM and the new classification leaders, and De Amicis-Di Giusto (Ebimotors), that won race-1. The GT4 classification was completed by Paolo Meloni (BMW M4 GT4-W&D) and Luca Magnoni (Mercedes AMG GT4-Noiva Race), that are respectively second and third in the provisional GT4 AM classification.




GT CUP: Matteo Greco and Riccardo Chiesa have been unbeatable also in race-2 and claimed the full haul in Mugello, which allowed them to strengthen their classification lead. At the beginning Demarchi has been very quick on the wet in the Ferrari 488 Challenge SR&R, leading Chiesa and Carboni that were fighting for P2. In the second stint Greco took over from Chiesa and led Cristoni and Sauto, but the Sicilian driver lost the control of his Porsche 991 4.0 on lap 19 when he was attacking the rival. He hit the barriers violently, but fortunately, he was unharmed. Easy Race drivers claimed, therefore, the win and crossed the finish line ahead of Demarchi-Cristoni.


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