Tujula-Nemoto (Lamborghini Huracan) win the Italian GT Sprint Championship in Vallelunga

After winning race-1, VSR drivers did not collect points in the closing race of the season that was won by Frassineti-Venturini (Lamborghini Huracan), but they won the GT3 Italian Championship with 4 points more than Agostini (Audi R8 LMS). The other titles went to Cressoni-Mann (Ferrari 488) in GT3 PRO-AM, Guerra-Riccitelli (BMW M4 GT4) in GT4 PRO-AM and Vebster-Riva (Porsche Cayman) in GT4 AM.

The Finn Tuomas Tujula and the Japanese Juki Nemoto won the Italian Gran Turismo GT3 Sprint Championship at the end of a difficult and eventful race on the wet. The closing race of the season has been a success for Lamborghini as three Huracans got on the podium: the victory went to Frassineti-Venturini (Imperiale Racing), that led Kroes-Pulcini (VSR) and Altoè-Cecotto (LP Racing). Regarding the other Italian titles, the GT3 PRO-AM went to Cressoni-Mann (Ferrari 488-AF Corse), that of GT4 PRO-AM to Guerra-Riccitelli (BMW M4 GT4-BMW Team Italia), while that of GT4 AM to Vebster-Riva (Porsche Cayman-Centri Porsche Ticino).


GT3: The eighth and closing race of the season has been quite eventful and affected by rain that fell until a few minutes to the start, that was delayed by an hour and behind the safety car. The
Lamborghini Huracans locked out the podium, thanks to the victory of Frassineti-Venturini that led Kroes-Pulcini and Altoè-Cecotto, but the fourth Lamborghini was the one that celebrated the most: that of the new Italian Champions Tujula-Nemoto.

The twists were not missing, especially in the final stages when Tujula – who took over from a great first stint by Nemoto – got stuck in the gravel trap crushing his hopes to take the win and reopening the battle for the title. The difficult conditions of the track and a second safety car helped Vincenzo Sospiri’s drivers that, despite not scoring a point, secured the title nevertheless. Behind them, Riccardo Agostini (Audi R8 LMS) was 4 points short of the top and was fifth at the flag today with co-equiper Mattia Drudi, while the third place went to Kroes-Pulcini that are 6 points adrift. Roda-Rovera (Ferrari 488-AF Corse) were fourth in the championship proceeding Lorenzo Ferrari (Mercedes AMG GT3-Antonelli Motorsport) by one point only, as the latter – together with Loris Spinelli – had an unlucky weekend.

Simon Mann and Matteo Cressoni (Ferrari 488) crossed the finish line in seventh place, but won the GT3 PRO-AM title, which was not easy for AF Corse’s drivers. The direct rivals of Hudspeth-Michelotto (Ferrari 488-Easy Race) ended the race behind them ending equal on points in the classification, but they had the worst discriminant due to the scored results, while the third place of PRO-AM went to Di Amato-Vezzoni (Ferrari 488-RS Racing).

The top ten of GT3 was rounded off by the ninth place of Alexader Moisseev (Mercedes AMG GT3-Antonelli Motorsport) and Raffaele Marciello, who kept the lead in the first stint, while Magnoni-Bonanomi were tenth at the debut with the Honda NSX GT3 Evo of Nova Race.



GT4: The photo-finish end in GT4 PRO-AM saw Francesco Guerra and Simone Riccitelli (BMW M4 GT4) taking the win and overtaking Segù-De Luca (Mercedes AMG GT4) that were only fourth at the flag. The BMW Team Italia’s drivers run a great race in the lead, while Nova Race’s pairing had a difficult day due also to a not very competitive car due to the track conditions. The third place in the championship went to Belicchi-Vullo (Mercedes AMG GT4), third at the flag, but Villorba Corse’s drivers retired from race-1. They were followed by Gnemmi-Pera in the Porsche Cayman of Ebimotors, that were skilled to climb up on the second step of the podium in the closer of the season. Porsche triumphed in GT4 AM thanks to Vebster-Riva that drove the Cayman of Centro Porsche Ticino to the victory of the race and of the classification leading the vice-champion Mattia Di Giusto (Porsche Cayman-Ebimotors), and Paolo Meloni (BMW M4 GT4-W&D), that were second at the flag and third in the classification.



GT CUP: The seventh win in eight races was scored by Matteo Greco and Riccardo Chiesa (Ferrari 488 Challenge), that already were crowned champions in Monza, and were uncatchable here too. The Easy Race drivers did not have rivals dominating the closing race and ending on the top step of the podium leading the sister car of AF Corse driven by Christian Brunsborg, the Porsche 991 4.0 of Carboni-Romani (Duell Race), that allowed the driver from Viterbo to be third in the standings, while the second 488 of AF Corse was fourth with Alessandro Cozzi.


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