Di Amato-Urcera (Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo) win race-1 of the 2nd round of the Italian GT Sprint Championship in Misano

The Scuderia Baldini's pairing proceeded Galbiati-Meijer (Mercedes AMG GT3) and Greco-Guerra (Honda NSX GT3), while the other classes were won by Barri-Scalvini (GT Cup) and Bencivenni-Ferri (GT4). Race-2 will get underway tomorrow at 15.20 with live TV coverage on Acisport TV (Sky 228).

Daniele Di Amato and the Argentine Josè Manuel Urcera (Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo) claimed the victory in race-1 of the 2nd round of the Italian GT Championship 2022. The Scuderia Baldini’s drivers posted the time 52’06.887s and proceeded Galbiati-Meijer (Mercedes AMG GT3) and Greco-Guerra (Honda NSX GT3) respectively by 2”267s and 3”565s at the end of the 50 minutes + 1 lap race.

GT3 PRO-AM was won by Pesce Rappange (Mercedes AMG GT3), while the victory of GT3 AM went to Butti-Patrinicola (Audi R8 LMS). Barri-Scalvini won from Coluccio-Mazzola and Carboni-Pegoraro (GT Cup), while Bencivenni-Ferri proceeded Cerati-Fondi and Marchetti-Schjerpen (GT4).

Race-2, still of 50 minutes + 1 lap, will take place tomorrow at 15.20 and will go live on ACISPORT TV (SKY 228), while RAISPORT (FV 58) will show it at 18.55. The live streaming will be available from the website of the championship www.acisport.it/CIGT, Facebook www.facebook.com/CIGranTurismo and YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyhhEkzyTlUbzYCjBUMUDtQ.


GT3: It has been a hard-fought race until the end and it was eventually won by Di Amato-Urcera that deserved the win behind the wheel of the perfectly prepared car by Scuderia Baldini. The victory came in the closing stages when the driver from Rome, after the great P3 held by Urcera during the first stint, managed to get the lead when only a few laps remained. The rivals, starting from the Dutch Meijer, fought back as did Francesco Greco, but today the driver from Rome had the upper hand despite a spin in one of the many duels with the Dutch driver.

This deserved win relaunches the classification of the Scuderia Baldini’s pairing, which installed themselves in P3 just three points shy of Glock-Klingmann and two points short of Galbiati. The Antonelli Motorsport’s driver shared driving duties with the Dutch Meijer as his usual co-equiper Cressoni was absent. They claimed a great P2 after starting from the pole position and keeping the lead for the whole first stint.

At the flag, the Antonelli Motorsport’s drivers proceeded Greco-Guerra, which bounced back from the bad luck of race-2 in Monza. Some brake and tyre problems in the closing stages prevented Guerra to defend the lead that he got on track after taking over from Greco in P2.

The second car of Nova Race, the unit driven by Guidetti-Moncini ended close to the podium leading the Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo of Vebster-Agostini (Easy Race), the Lamborghini of Di Folco-Middleton (Imperiale Racing) and the second 488 of Scuderia Baldini driven by Gai-Panciatici. The eighth-place went to Pesce-Rappange(Mercedes AMG GT3-Antonelli Motorsport), which were also the GT3 PRO-AM leaders from Di Giusto-Cecotto (Lamborghini Huracan GT3-LP Racing) and Butti-Patrinicola (Audi R8 LMS-Audi Sport Italia), which won GT3 AM.

Provisional classification leaders Glock-Klingmann (BMW M4 GT3) did not score points as they ended a troubled race in 12th place following contact between Glock and a lapped car which forced the driver to a pit stop that made him lose P4. Rejoined in P20, Glock and his co-equiper Klingmann did not manage to get back into the points, but the BMW Italia-Ceccato Racing Team’s drivers retained the classification lead by just one point on Galbiati.

GT CUP/GT4: After the victory in Monza’s race-1, Barri-Scalvini claimed the second win in Misano. This success was built in the first stint when Barri overtook poleman Postiglione who had kept the lead early on. The race of Team Italy’s driver has been downhill from that point and the good Scalvini ended ahead of Coluccio-Mazzola (Ferrari 488 Challenge-Easy Race), which gained several places after a tough start from the driver from Lucca. The third step of the podium went to Carboni-Pegoraro (Lamborghini Huracan ST-Antonelli Motorsport).

The fourth-place went to Postiglione-Piccioli (Porsche 991 GT3 Cup Gen II), as the driver from Potenza put in a solid first stint leading the pack for several laps. They proceeded the sister cars of Gattuso-Mainetti (Krypton Motorsport) and of teammates Amaduzzi-Nelson. The victory of GT Cup AM went to Tazio Pieri (Krypton Motorsport), who led Tabacchi-Bronzini (EF Racing), both in a Porsche 991 GT3 Cup Gen II, and the Lamborghini Huracan ST (Team Italy) of Attianese-Castillo Ruiz.

The victory in GT4 went to Bencivenni-Ferri (Mercedes AMG GT4-Nova Race) at the end of a good duel with teammates Marchetti-Schjerpen in the first stint. The latter were involved in a contact with the BMW M4 GT3 and closed their effort in the third place, behind Cerati-Fondi (Porsche Cayman GT4-Autorlando).

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