Result of day one at Ciocco and Valle del Serchio

Andreucci-Andreussi on the works Peugeot 207 Super 2000 lead the way. Scandola-D'Amore follow on the Skoda Fabia Super2000, Perico-Carrara are third on Peugeot 207 Super2000. In the Junior championship Nucita-Princiotto on top with Citroen C2.

23/03/2012 - It's Ciocco. Spotlights are on the 35th Rally of Ciocco and Valle del Serchio, the first act of the Italian Rally Championship that since the opening stage offered precise indications for the final victory with the confirmation of the reigning champion couple Andreucci-Andreussi, on Peugeot 207 Super2000 of Peugeot Italy this year too. In the first six stages of the day, "Careggine" and "Orecchiella" repeated three times each, the Tuscan running on the home streets made his intentions clear as he obtained six victories out of six stages. An impressive score that he will likely try and repeat in the second and conclusive day. The main rivals have been warned starting from the fast Umberto Scandola and co-driver Guido D'Amore, that could not do anything to stop the leaders on the Skoda Fabia Super2000 belonging to Skoda Italy Motorsport. The provisional third place of the podium went to the fast Alessandro Perico, with Carrara reading him the notes, who managed to drive his Peugeot 207 Super2000 defending his position from the attacks moved by Gamba-Inglesi on the Peugeot 207 Super2000 of Team Balbosca. Absolute fifth were Signor-Bernardi, on the Skoda Fabia Super2000 lined up by Team DP Motorsport, while a very good sixth place was obtained by Sciessere-Orian on the less muscular Renault Clio Super1600. The seventh place went to Ferrarotti-Fenoli a position that awarded them with the first position in the production championship on a Renault Megane RS, while the absolute eighth place was obtained by Nucita-Princiotto on the Citroen C2 R2B of Team Vieffe Corse. The Sicilians are therefore leading the important Junior Italian Championship, ahead of the Citroen works car of Campedelli-Fappani, on the Ds3.

To be highlighted is the fact that the Citroen driver from Cesena lost 2' for a problem to the junction on the front brakes tube during the second stage of the day. The Citroen couple ended the top ten of this opening run. In the Twingo R2 Gordini Top Trophy the first position after day one went to the couple Carella-Riolfo of Power Car Team. Not very positive are instead the retirements for Rendina-Pizzuti, main contenders of the production championship, on a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X due to a double puncture in PS1, and that of Michelini-Giusti, very fast and on top with their Peugeot 207 Super2000 belonging to Team Munaretto, right before an off track excursion in stage 4.

The second and final day can still bring important news even if indications from day one are extremely bad news for the rivals of the couple made by Paolo Andreucci and Anna Andreussi.

The programme of day two follows:
08:31 Start of run 2 Il Ciocco
18:00 Rally Arrival and podium ceremony at Porta Ariostesca - Castelnuovo
18:30 Final verifications and Service park - Castelnuovo
19:30 Publication of the Final Classification - Renaissance Tuscany Il Ciocco Resort
Classifications at the end of day one.

Absolute classification: 1.Paolo Andreucci - Anna Andreussi ( Peugeot 207 S2000) 58',05.4 ; 2.Umberto Scandola- Guido D'Amore ( Skoda Fabia S2000) 21.1; 3.Alessandro Perico- Fabrizio Carrara( Peugeot 207 S2000) 22.3; 4.Matteo Gamba - Emanuele Inglesi ( Peugeot 207 S2000) 39.2 ; 5.Marco Signor - Patrick Bernardi ( Skoda Fabia S2000) 1'21.5 ; 6. Eddie Sciessere- Francesco Orian ( Renault Clio S1600)2'50.7; 7. Ivan Ferrarotti- Manuel Fenoli ( Renault Megane RS) 3'52.1; 8.Andrea Nucita-Giuseppe Princiotto ( Citroen C2) 4'01.7; 9. Fabrizio Nannini - Stefano Pecchioli ( Abarth Grande Punto S2000)4'10.4 ; 10.Simone Campedelli- Fappani 4'10.9 ( Citroen DS3)

CIR Junior classification: 1.Andrea Nucita - Giuseppe Princiotto(Citroen C2) 1:02'07.1 ; 2.Simone Campedelli- Danilo Fappani ( Citroen DS3)9.2; 3. Gabriele Cogni - Silvia Mazzetti24.6; 4.Andrea Carella- Ilaria Riolfo43.4; 5.Michele Tassone- Fabio Grimaldi1'20.3
CIR Production classification : 1. Ivan Ferrarotti - Manuel Fenoli ( Renault Megane RS) 1:01'57.5