Doctor Glass "Official Sponsor Cir 2012-2013"

Doctor Glass and ACI Sport keep speaking the same language, sharing the same passion for sport. The Italian leader in the sector of car glass windscreens, after the agreement set in 2011 as “Official Sponsor” of CIR – Italian Rally Championship – welcomed the two-year proposal done by ACI Sport and decided to keep the same commitment and presence in 2012 – 2013.

23/04/2012 - Doctor Glass and ACI Sport set an union based on reciprocal respect and sportive image, tied to the protagonists of the most important tricolored rally. The agreement satisfies Doctor Glass expectations, especially in terms of the press/TV coverage that is enjoyed and constantly improved by CIR year after year. The collaboration is based on strong basis, precision, professionalism and complete usage of communication means to spread on the national ground the action of protagonists and the beauties of the settings of every single race.

"Praise to ACI Sport - said Roberto Maggiolini, Doctor Glass Group General Director in the press conference held in Brescia – because in the partnership they do not act as an agency or promoter, but as a company devoted to make the championship grow by means of spectacle, official participation of drivers and constructors, presence of personalities and high profile drivers. Last but not least the interest towards young drivers, core and future of the real world as well as of the Italian rally”.

Doctor glass is a young company, as it is just 14 years old we could say it is still in its infancy, but nevertheless it works on the whole Italian territory with the strength of an adult, favouring safety, professionalism and courtesy on a daily basis with Customers and virtually all Insurance Companies. Its services range in all sectors of ground movement: cars, industrial, agriculture, nautical and railway vehicles, expressing skills, precision and rapidity. The same conditions are also expressed at customers' doorstep by the 200 centers working daily on the whole Italian territory to replace and fix windscreens, darken them, replace external mirrors and apply a new rain-repellent treatment.

Doctor Glass grew a lot in terms of image thanks also to sport, to an intense and constant presence on TV that well supported the commercial push through the opening of new centers. “We believe that the collaboration with ACI Sport will keep on having a positive and successful future” ended Maggiolini - as it is based on professionalism, a quality that our company expresses both towards customers and partners. The management I lead and the whole Doctor Glass personnel, achieve a crucial role in transforming the company in a 360 degrees brand thanks to passion, allowing promotion actions directed to the future”.

Now it is time for the protagonists and communication professionals to allow this partnership reach the highest possible levels by getting to the high number of fans crowding the borders of the racing streets as well as all those watching CIR from home through press/TV and the world wide web.