The 9th ACI CSAI's Federal Supercorso started today

Four intense working days at the International circuit “Piero Taruffi” of Vallelunga are waiting the young promising drivers of the Italian motor-racing world selected by ACI-CSAI.

05/11/2012 – The 9th Federal Supercorso of the “Federal School CSAI – Michele Alboreto” opened today at the circuit of Vallelunga. It will end next Thursday November the 8th with the award given to the best of the course. The appointment with the award given by ACI CSAI to the best drivers of the two disciplines Circuit Speed and Rally, has been renewed also this year. Six circuit-drivers amd 6 rally drivers, the latter with their respective co-drivers, will have the chance to take part in the “Supercorso” of the Federal School for four challenging days where the pupils will be involved in theoretical lessons and practicals. In the occasion the young drivers will employ several structures present in Vallelunga: the circuit in several configurations, the exercise areas of the Safe Driving Center and the Rally earth track.

As regarding the Rally, theoretical lessons started today which will be followed by practical exercises at the wheel of the Fiat Panda 100HP, Renault Twingo R2, Renault Clio R3 and Renault Mégane R4 on the north side of the circuit of Vallelunga. In the evening the activities will be moved to the exercise area of the ACI-SARA Safe Driving Center for wet driving and for exercises with skid and resin carpets with low grip coefficients. On day two, after the theory scheduled for the morning session, the north side of the circuit will house two different paths to which a night “stage” located within the Safe Driving Center will be added. Day three will follow on Wednesday. After the theoretical session of the morning the drivers will drive the Fiat Panda 100HP on the earth Rally track of Vallelunga in two different configurations: long and short track. On the final day, the theory session will be followed by the run on the Rally earth Track at the wheel of the fantastic Mitsubishi Lancer EVO IX N4.
A press meeting will finally be set on Thursday 8 for the last day of the Supercorso, starting from 17.30 (GMT+1) in the Media Center of the Autodromo Vallelunga "Piero Taruffi", where the best drivers will receive their award.

The name of the six rally drivers that won the participation in the 9th Federal ACI CSAI Supercorso follows:

Francesco Arati- born on 3/4/1990 and living in Pavullo Nel Frignano (MO) / Veronica Boni (co-driver)

Filippo Bravi – born on 30/03/1989 and living in Pagnacco(UD) / Thomas Spangaro (co-driver)

Giacomo Cunial – born on 01/04/1989 and living in Possagno (TV)/ Alberto Ialungo (co-driver)

Damiano De Tommaso – born on 05/02/1996 and living in Brebbia (VA) - / Marco Lupi (co-driver)

Giacomo Scattolon – born on 10/04/1989 and living in Voghera (PV) / Fabio Grimaldi (co-driver)

Michele Spagnoli - born on 26/10/1984 and living in Bergotto di Berceto (PR) / Giancarla Guzzi (co-driver)