The Italian Rally Championship and the Rally Terra Trophy 2012 to end at the 31st Costa Smeralda

The two protagonists of the Italian Series, Paolo Andreucci on Peugeot and Umberto Scandola on Skoda will be competing as the best of the earth series such as Trentin on Peugeot, Ricci on Subaru and Dettori on Skoda.

Arzachena 14 November 2012 - The streets of the 31st Rally Costa Smeralda will house the final round of the ItalianRally Championship and of the Rally Terra Trophy, the two series organized by ACI CSAI that have already stated their verdicts. The constructors title of the Italian Rally Championship is still to be decided though as Peugeot and Skoda are still competing for it. This is an important title that bad luck apart should most likely go to Peugeot.

In this decisive race Peugeot will lineup on the side of Paolo Andreucci also the young driver from Brescia Stefano Albertini that is able to bring home important points. Skoda answers with the Veronese Umberto Scandola and the privateer Giuseppe Dettori, that being from Sardinia has a deep knowledge of the streets of the rally. As regarding the Rally Terra Trophy, the name of the winner has already been decided, Mauro Trentin, but all the best drivers will be present to this event. Trentin, despite being mathematically champion decided to honour the trophy until the end with his presence. Being free from classification pressure he will aim high, very high actually, trying to place himself on top of the class with his Peugeot. Some other top class drivers will also be present, starting from the driver from Brescia Luigi Ricci, second in the classification behind Trentin, both in the absolute and in the Super 2000 R4 classification, other important presences will be those of Fabio Gianfico, spectacular driver from Naples, Massimiliano Tonso from Piedmont, at the wheel of a Ford Fiesta Super 2000 and the Tuscany driver Walter Pierangioli, fourth in the classification. To be followed also the race of Moreno Cenedese, at his comeback on Ford Fiesta Super 2000 after a break period.

The programme of the 31st Rally Costa Smeralda, race organized by Great Events, features 9 stages split in two legs on Friday 16 and Saturday 17. The first leg will start at 13.50 (GMT+1) from Luogosanto with the stage "Cantiere Viteddi" of 15,65 kilometers that will be run 3 times. On Saturday two stages will end the rally, the shortest one is called “San Giovanni” and will be run on 8,12 Kilometers while the most challenging one will be the "Gallura" of 15,5 kilometers. The two stages will be repeated three times. The arrival is scheduled in Arzachena at 16:45 after 374 kilometers ,111 of which made by timed stages.

Rai Sport will follow the race with the highlights of the first leg on Friday 16 at 22.30 (GMT+1) on Rai Sport 2 and the live coverage on Saturday at 16.30 on Rai Sport 1. As usual Lorenzo Leonarduzzi will be presenting the specials with technical commentary from Andrea Nicoli.

CIR drivers classification: Andreucci 138; Scandola 112; Basso 75; Perico66; Albertini 64; Gamba 63; Campedelli 52; Nucita 20; Rendina 18 ; Pajunen 14.
Junior Classification: A. Nucita 266 ; Andolfi 215; Campedelli 200; Pajunen 192 ; Campedelli 200; Tassone 184; Cunial 151; Carella 113
Italian Championship Constructors Classification 2012: 1.Peugeot-193 2.Skoda-159 3.Ford-73
Italian Production Championship 2012 Classification: 1.Rendina-75 punti 2.Ferrarotti-25

Drivers TRT Classification; 1. Trentin 100 punti; 2. Ricci 48; 3. Dettori 38; 4. Pierangioli 38; 5. Tonso 35