High expectations for Day one of Ciocco

The Tuscan rally gets underway for its 37th edition. 16 spectacular stages will take racers to the end scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. Two ACI Sport streaming feeds and two Radio-Radio connections today.

15 March 2014 – Following the most awaited opening ceremony held in Forte dei Marmi last evening, it is now time to fire up the engines. The whole day will be dedicated to the 12 stages of Bagni di Lucca(14,42 km ), Coreglia (8,94 km) and Il Ciocco (2,59 km) in the first sector, while the afternoon sector will be on stage on the San Rocco(12.72 km), Renaio (14,33 km) and on the very short "Noi TV" (1.65 km)

Scandola- D'Amore on Skoda Fabia S2000 will open the way, while all the other racers will follow starting every other minute.

Short Programme (GMT+2):

- 07:54 SS.1 Bagni di Lucca 1 of 14,42 km
- 08:44 SS.2 Coreglia 1 of 8,94 km
- 09:33 SS.3 Il Ciocco 1 of 2,59 km

At 09:51 10' Remote Service Zone in Fornaci di Barga

- 10:26 SS.4 "Bagni di Lucca 2" of 14,42 km
- 11:16 SS.5 "Coreglia 2" of 8,94 km , with live streaming by ACI Sport from 11:10 to 11:50.
- 12:05 SS.6 "Il Ciocco 2"

From 12:27 to 13:37 cars will be regrouped in Castelnuovo, and the 30' service park will follow.

- 14:54 SS.7 "San Rocco 1"
- 16:02 SS.8 "Renaio 1"
- 16:37 SS.9 "Noi TV "1 -

- 17:00 15' Remote Service Zone in Fornaci di Barga

- 17:38 SS.10 "San Rocco 2"
- 18:46 SS.11 "Renaio 2"
- 19:21 SS.12 "Noi TV 2 "

Day one will reach its conclusion with park fermè of Ciocco at 19:30. The telephone connection with Radio-Radio at 19.55 will take place from the finish line, while a second one will follow from 19:20 to 19:50 with comments and videos of the protagonist of this first day of the Tuscany rally available at acisportitalia.it

Rally Il Ciocco has validity for the Italian Rally Championship and for the Rally National Trophy, that will also open the ACI Csai Rally R1 Trophy, and the single brand Citroën Racing Trophy, Renault Clio R3 "Production" and Twingo R2 "Top" Trophy.

All information and updates will be available on acisportitalia.it as well as on the official website of the event cioccorally.it