The experimentation of the Sa.Me.Da.® L.I.F.E.®, Local Infomed For Emergency continues

Motivegeeks Labs, owned by Ivan Capelli, in collaboration with ACI Csai and ACI Sport, continues on field testing of the application Sa.Me.Da.®, Safety Medical Database, and the arm band Sa.Me.Da.® L.I.F.E.®, Local Infomed For Emergency, during the Rally of Sanremo, involving some CIR drivers.

The objective of the project is to reduce intervention times in case of accidents to allow doctors to reach the site quickly and with improved safety in what is called the "golden hour”, that is the period right after the incident that is crucial for first aid.

The platform Sa.Me.Da.® Safety Medical Database has been devised and implemented to provide doctors with the medical information of drivers through a personal arm band housing the Sa.Me.Da.® L.I.F.E.® memory. All data stored in the arm band can be read by doctors through the application Sa.Me.Da.® Emergency Reader, in full respect of the users' privacy regulations.

Data access allow doctors to get the information of drivers even without Internet connection (Wi-Fi or 3G) which is a quite common situation during the stages of a Rally.