Rally Italia Sardegna, great race by the ACI TEAM ITALIA drivers

Adrea Nucita, Nicolò Marchioro and Alessandro Tolfo, three of the drivers selected for the Project of the Federation to promote young talents have been partaking in the race in Sardinia.

Alghero 9 June – A lot of kilometers and experience for Andrea Nucita, Nicolò Marchioro and Alessandro Tolfo, the three drivers that proudly represented the Progetto Giovani ACI Team Italia, the national team of Italian rally.

The Sicilian Andrea Nucita, has been among the protagonists of the rally since the beginning as he shone in the Power stage of Cagliari, but had to face several problems including punctures, axle-shaft failure and flat tire in both racing days. Despite all of this, the driver in force at team Phoenix on Peugeot 207 S2000, fought until the end closing in twelfth absolute position, placing worth the sixth place of the Italian Rally Championship.

Very good result also by Nicolò Marchioro, who has been contesting the Production championship on Renault Clio R3. He pushed hard since the first leg on Friday, while on Saturday he showed good driving skills on gravel, closing with the seventh absolute place and getting into the CIR absolute classification. The race of the driver from Padova has been an important testbench ahead of the next round of San Marino where he will try to find some more points for the Italian Production as well as for the Renault Clio R3 trophy.

Alessandro Tolfo was also present among the ranks of the Gravel Trophy racers. He has been unlucky in the final stage of Friday where he had to face dusk and dust. He put in a good performance in the very long stage "Monte Lerno” though, despite some problems with tires pressure at the start on his Peugeot 207 S2000 and high temperatures half-way through due to a problem to the water pump that did not help his test. Hi managed to get the 15th absolute position, that was the seventh of the Gravel Trophy.

The next commitment for the three young talents – and for the others selected by Aci Team Italia – is going to take place at the Federal School ACI CSAI in Vallelunga for the first training meeting.