4 settembre11:42
Andrea Mosca wins the Master Title
First Campionato Italiano Sport Prototipi title awarded at Imola after race 1
3 settembre16:27
Race 1 a show full of twists, the winner is Giacomo Pollini
Great fight at Imola, Davide Uboldi finishes second, Alessio Salvaggio third
2 settembre19:43
Super Giacomo Pollini, in the front row with his cousin Matteo Pollini
ASD Giacomo Race duo ready for a sprint start in race 1
2 settembre14:52
Davide Uboldi obtains the best lap overall in free practice 2
Giacomo Pollini follows in P2 
2 settembre11:25
The challenge starts, Giacomo Pollini is the fastest in free practice 1
Second best time to Davide Uboldi
1 settembre18:33
The Wolf of Campionato Italiano Sport Prototipi are ready to start the weekend
This weekend the 5th and second-to-last round of the series
1 settembre09:00
Gianluca Carboni, at Imola a long-awaited return
From GT the return to Wolf Racing Cars, already looking ahead to 2023.
31 agosto14:28
Francesco Gàristo, at Imola for the first time on Wolf GB08 Thunder
The Italian series on Wolf Racing Cars is ready to re-start for the final rush of the season
26 luglio11:47
Wolf Racing Cars, Campionato Italiano Sport Prototipi's constructor does not lessen the ambition
Unveiled today the plan for the new factory
17 luglio12:42
Giacomo Pollini conquers Mugello

The classification leader catches a double win, Davide Uboldi keeps the duel alive with P2, first podium for Linus Hellberg
16 luglio16:42
Giacomo Pollini, from pole to victory in front of a super-fast Roccadelli
Davide Uboldi third, a very important podium for his Championship ambitions
15 luglio18:52
Giacomo Pollini: it's pole position
CISP leader fully rewarded by taking the 'risk' on set-up
14 luglio18:14
Another hot weekend for the Wolf Racing Cars at Mugello
Today the collective tests, tomorrow the fourth round of the CISP starts
3 luglio19:13
Giacomo Pollini wins race 2 and tightens his grip on the Championship, then Davide Uboldi and Erik Stilmann
Penalty to Matteo Roccadelli, second under the chequered flag, but 25'' took him into P10
3 luglio13:42
Davide Uboldi unstoppable in race 1. P2 to Filippo Lazzaroni, then Matteo Pollini
Bad luck for Roccadelli, finishes ninth, but wins the point for the fastest lap
2 luglio19:02
Uboldi, unstoppable in Vallelunga
Pole position in race 1, behind is Roccadelli at 6 tenths, third is Lazzaroni
2 luglio13:15
Davide Uboldi, then Matteo Roccadelli and Filippo Lazzaroni fastest in Free Practice 2
Now begins the wait for qualifying, this evening at 17.30
2 luglio09:53
Free Practice 1, Davide Uboldi is still the fastest at Vallelunga
After setting the time in the collective test, the day starts again in the sign of Uboldi
1 luglio16:56
Davide Uboldi is the fastest on the collective test day at Vallelunga
The driver from Como is the fastest, the Championship leader did not take to the track in the two sessions
30 giugno16:35
CISP is back with the third round of the season
The Wolf GB08 Thunder of the Italian Championship at Vallelunga this weekend
3 giugno19:00
Giacomo Pollini, poleman in race 1, Davide Uboldi right on his tail
Pole position for the driver from Brescia, Uboldi follows him at 2 thousandths
1 giugno19:05
CISP resumes in Misano, in 20 ready for round two
20 Wolf GB08 Thunder to ready to fight to win, with Giacomo Pollini defending the lead
15 maggio17:29
Race 2, Uboldi on Pollini and conquers his first win
Celebration in Enna tonight for Alessio Salvaggio, third on podium and U25 winner
15 maggio11:09
Race 1 has the name of Giacomo Pollini on it, from pole to finish, he brings home the first
Then Matteo Roccadelli P2 with a move at the last turn to crown the comeback, third Davide Uboldi
14 maggio14:30
Second free practice session, David Uboldi set the best time
The driver from Como set the best time of the day so far
14 maggio11:33
Giacomo Pollini is the fastest in the morning free practice at Pergusa
The driver from Brescia sets the time, followed by Frenchman Roccamier and Lazzaroni
13 maggio14:53
Tyres on the track at the ACI Racing Weekend in Pergusa
First session on track for the Wolf GB08 Thunder cars today at the collective tests, Medina has fastest lap
10 maggio11:44
Campionato Italiano Sport Prototipi, the start this weekend at Pergusa
Once again, a numerous and high-level starting line-up for the ACI Sport Championship on Wolf Racing Cars
4 maggio14:48
Andrea Di Caro, from Karting, now the focus on Campionato Italiano Sport Prototipi, in team with Michele Fattorini
The 19-year-old Sicilian on his debut paired with the Orvieto driver Fattorini
25 marzo10:55
Ettore Bassi at the start of 2022 Campionato Italiano Sport Prototipi  
New sporting challenge for the actor and TV host, on the starting grid with the Wolf GB08 Thunder