Minì wins and gains distance in the championship

The Sicilian driver snatches the lead from the Brazilian Bortoleto and holds it throughout the race, despite the entry of the Safety Car.

Gabriele Minì (PREMA Powerteam) starts well and takes the lead from his teammate Gabriel Bortoleto, while Andrea Rosso (CRAM Motorsport) loses two positions to Jonny Edgar (Van Amersfoort Racing) and Dino Beganovic (PREMA Powerteam).

Behind him a fabulous and prolonged battle between Pizzi who successfully attempts the attack on Delli Gloves and conquers the ninth position.

Cenyu and Patrese go off track coming to contact and the safety car enters compacting the whole group of drivers, when Bortoleto was very close to Minì.



After 3 laps behind the Safety Car, the restart is launched with an excellent Minì, while Edgar tries to attack Bortoleto, but the two drivers touch each other and the Englishman has the worst going wide as Beganovic and Rosso pass. Behind follow Jak Crawford (Van Amersfoort Racing) and teammate Francesco Pizzi.

In the meantime, Bortoleto gets a 5 second penalty for the contact with Edgar.

Extreme battle between Pizzi who tries several times to overtake Crawford, while behind him is the other VAR driver, Edgar. Then finally Pizzi passes Crawford and goes after Rosso for fourth place.

Behind them Delli Guanti, Chovanec and Montoya.

Crawford touches Edgar and the two retreat, the first due to a broken front wing, while the second due to such contact puncturing the rear tire.



A stratospheric Minì wins, in front of Beganovic, Bortoleto (relegated from second position due to the 5 "penalty), then Rosso, Pizzi, amazing if you think that he started from 16 position, Chovanec, Montoya, Salmenautio, Simonazzi and Ramos Reynos.

"Finally a good start where I gained a position", commented the Sicilian champion, "Then I held up well. In this weekend at Mugello it was always important to arrive and then, with this last race, to win".

Minì increases his advantage in the championship with 196 points, ahead of Rosso at 127, Pizzi at 117. A podium in the overall standings which is now all Italian.