Imola race 3: Minì is the 2020 champion

The Italian talent of Prema and part of the ACI Team Italia program, the predestined, wins the 2020 title of the most competitive and participated F4 championship in the world with 3 races to spare.

Gabriele Minì, Prema Powerteam driver and part of the ACI Team Italia program, is the champion of the Italian F4 Championship Powered by Abarth 2020, the first Italian driver to win the title since the first year of creation, 2014, when ACI Sport launched it for first at the international level, to then see the other countries regain their excellence and quality. Not only that, Minì is in his first year of F4, in fact a Rookie.

In race 3 Minì starts well from pole in front of Beganovic, then Hauger who immediately places third in front of Fornaroli, while Pizzi immediately recovers several positions, up to seventh, with Montoya behind him, who thanks to the extraordinary work of the mechanics Prema is on the track despite the exit and the high-speed bump in race 2.



After the first laps the safety car enters following the exit of Shevyrtalov at the Variante Alta, making his debut in F4.

At 24 minutes from the end, it starts again without any particular upheaval in the classification, but after a couple of laps Pizzi also passes Bortoleto.

In front are Minì, Beganovic and Crawford, while Fornaroli suffers the attacks of Edgar, and Pizzi approaches behind them.

At 18 'from the end Edgar passes Fornaroli to Villeneuve with a masterpiece overtaking, while Pizzi is at this point really close to Fornaroli. Then Crawford passes Beganovic taking advantage of the wake of the long straight, while Minì takes advantage and earns a margin of over a second.



In the meantime, Pizzi is unleashed and overtakes Fornaroli alle Acque Minerali to finish fifth.

At 11 'from the end Crawford makes an exceptional overtaking on Minì and conquers the first position, with the Sicilian driver also attentive to the championship standings.

So the ranking of the first sees Crawford, Minì, Edgar, Pizzi, Fornaroli and Montoya.

The top positions do not change, with Crawford, Minì, Beganovic, Edgar, Pizzi, Fornaroli, Montoya and Bortoleto at the finish.

"I am extremely happy for the title, although I also wanted to win race 3, but I had to think about the championship. The new Formula Regional European Championship by Alpine next year is certainly very interesting, but Nicholas Todt will decide which one will be my next. He will certainly be able to indicate to me the best solution".