20 dicembre16:25
Rich 2020 Formula Regional prizes
Confermato il test in F3 per il vincitore del campionato 2020, oltre ai 25 punti superlicenza FIA e i 200.000 euro per team e piloti, che potranno anche approfittare della partecipazione al Global Challenge
9 dicembre18:13
Important news on FIA Super Licence points
The FIA World Motor Sport Council confirms for 2020 the 25 Super Licence points for the Formula Regional, while similar championships do not exceed 15 points. Formula Regional and Formula 3 Asian Championship together reach 43 points
21 novembre13:27
Confirmations and novelties for the 2020 Championship
Confirmation of 25 points for the super-license, 200,000 in prize money, tests in F3 and F2 and a very important opportunity coming up, in addition to further improvements on the single-seater
7 novembre16:46
Calendar 2020 change
The dates in Imola change from August 30th to May 31st
23 ottobre09:10
Variation in 2020 calendar
The last appointment changes date
22 ottobre18:22
All Formula Regional teams confirm their participation in the 2020 championship
Participation of all the 2019 teams is confirmed, while new entries from the Italian F4 are announced
20 ottobre16:10
Monza race 3: Vesti wins
Second and third place in the championship also awarded, with Fittipaldi second and a terrific Fraga third who grabs the position from Schumacher in the general championship standings
20 ottobre10:21
Monza race 2: Fraga king of Monza in the rain
The Brazilian has no rivals, while behind him Guzman, Vesti and Fittipaldi, for a 1-2 by DR Formula by RP Motorsport
19 ottobre15:53
Monza race 1: success of Fraga and DR Formula by RP Motorsport
The Brazilian maintains the leadership to the finish line ahead of champion Vesti and teammate Guzman
18 ottobre18:28
Fraga is the fastest in the Temple of Speed
The FIA Esports world champion is first in both sessions
17 ottobre18:47
The Grand Finale is in Monza
43 drivers at the Monza Eni Circuit for the last ACI Racing Weekend of the season
15 ottobre16:25
Monza, also the historic Formula 1 on track for the last ACI Racing Weekend  
Exhibition on track with F1 and F2 cars
6 ottobre14:54
Mugello race 3: Schumacher wins but Vesti is the 2019 Champion
The Danish "only fourth" in race 3 secures the 2019 Title with an appointment in advance, while the German makes a perfect race and wins without rivals
5 ottobre19:32
Mugello race 2: Vesti wins and is one point from the title
The Danish has no rivals and immediately gains the first position to then stretch, while behind him an exciting battle
5 ottobre13:29
Mugello race 1: first one to Vesti on Schumacher
In the battle between the Danish and the German the first race on the Tuscan circuit goes to the championship leader
4 ottobre19:47
At Mugello amazing battle between Schumacher and Vesti
Championship leader finds in Schumacher a new challenge for the title
4 ottobre15:00
At Mugello Vesti and Fraga are just in front of Schumacher, Zendelli and Fittipaldi
The Championship leader and the FIA Esports World Champion challenge each other at the top of the day's rankings on the fast Tuscan circuit
4 ottobre00:49
Mugello collective tests
The fastest are Hauger in F4 and Fraga in FR 
2 ottobre11:01
43 drivers for the great Mugello show this weekend
Everything is ready for the second-last appointment of Formula Regional and Italian F4
22 settembre13:47
Schumacher conquers Barcelona!
Another victory by the German driver who in Barcelona since qualifying shows his strength
21 settembre20:19
Barcellona: Schumacher wins!
From pole position to final win only Fittipaldi can keep the pace of the German
21 settembre14:55
Barcelona: Vesti, Ticktum and Schumacher
An emotional race full of battles and twists with a launched restarts due to safety car, and again the unbeatable rithm of Vesti. Great race by the "newcomer” Ticktum and Schumacher
21 settembre10:39
Barcelona: pole by Fittipaldi and Schumacher
On a slightly wet track, with rain tires, battle for pole position ends in the very last moments of both sessions: Fittipaldi takes pole off Vesti, while Schumacher conquers his first two "real” pole positions
20 settembre17:21
Saturday program has been anticipated
Qualifying sessions will start at 8:45 while race 1 and 2 will be anticipated by 25'
20 settembre15:31
Barcelona: in free practice Vesti, Fittipaldi and Nannini
Competition is already at maximum levels in the sixth appointment of the Championship, with Vesti, Fittipaldi and Nannini in the first positions
19 settembre15:29
Ready for Barcelona  
The Formula Regional drivers on the Spanish track this weekend
16 settembre18:45
The new 2020 calendar officialized
8 appointments for the next season, 6 concomitants for FRegional and F4
1 settembre19:07
Results change: Caldwell, Blomqvist and Fraga
Vesti penalized by 25” gives victory to teammate
1 settembre17:58
Vesti wins the recovery race with 10'' penalty
Amazing performance from the Danish, then Caldwell and Blomqvist
1 settembre14:19
Vesti is penalized, Fittipaldi wins race 3
The Danish dominates the race, but on the podium he is behind Fittipaldi and Fraga
31 agosto20:11
Race 2, Vesti show
Vesti wins with a breath-taking overtake on his teammate Caldwell

31 agosto14:50
Race 1, Fraga keeps the position and wins
Fraga wins as poleman; battle for the podium between Prema drivers
30 agosto18:52
Fraga in pole just at the very end, while Vesti doubles  
Fraga shock at the very end with pole position, while the other two best are conquered by the Danish

30 agosto16:58
Imola, free practices concluded
Vesti is the fastest in Formula Regional, Hauger and Edgar in F4
29 agosto13:17
The championship re-starts in Imola
44 F4 and Formula Regional drivers back on track after the Summer break
14 luglio18:39
Finally Fraga
The Brazilian overtakes Vesti at the start and is great in protecting first position to the end
14 luglio12:25
Fraga hits Vesti but the Danish wins anyway
A race with a somehow predictable, result having Vesti in pole, has in the end been much more challenging due to the Fraga running into the back of the Danish's car, but the Prema Powerteam champion wins anyway
13 luglio19:22
Vesti with strength
The Danish has the speed, the intelligence and the capacity to overtake and gain back lost positions at the start
13 luglio12:52
Qualifying: Vesti times 3!
Supremacy of the Danish confirmed with 3 pole positions
12 luglio17:08
Free practices: Vesti wins the battle of speed, Fraga in session 2
The fastest lap of the day at Red Bull Ring goes to the Danish championship leader, Fraga is the fastest in the afternoon
11 luglio10:54
Red Bull Ring 12-14 July
Ready for Austria
7 luglio18:50
Vesti again with final thrill
With an unbeatable pace the Danish wins race 3 and passes the finish line with a broken suspension
7 luglio13:03
Vesti and Fittipaldi
Only the Brazilian is able to keep the pace of the Danish but does not really manage to attack
6 luglio16:14
Vesti is still first
There is no real battle as nobody is able to keep the pace of the Danish
6 luglio12:17
Vesti takes 3 poles
The Danish seems unbeatable
5 luglio19:21
Hungaroring: Free practices 1 and 2
Schumacher and Vesti the fastest of the 2 sessions
4 luglio11:54
Ready for Hungaroring
48 drivers registered for the Hungarian F4 and Formula Regional weekend
17 giugno16:15
Hungaroring collective tests concluded
Hasburg is still the fastest of the day
15 giugno18:56
First day of collective tests at Hungaroring
Best lap time by Hasburg with Van Amersfoort Racing
12 giugno17:36
Collective tests at Hungaroring the 15th and the 16th of June
The 50 drivers of Formula Regional and Formula 4 championships together for the collective tests on the Hungarian track
10 giugno17:01
Formula Regional and F4, the appointment in Imola will include the two postponed races
Imola ACI Racing Weekend's program has been defined and will include the two races previously postponed for safety reasons
6 giugno14:46
The number of participants to the new championship keeps growing
Tom Beckhäuser with Technorace ready to race at the Hungaroring
14 maggio16:04
Technorace in Formula Regional
The participation to the Championship of the ninth team enlarges the ranks of Formula Regional
5 maggio17:29
Race 3 cancelled due to bad weather
Pouring rain does not permit the start of race 3
5 maggio09:50
Race 2: Vesti on Fittipaldi and Caldwell
Podium is all Prema in race 2 on wet track
4 maggio18:53
David Schumacher wins race 1
Fittipaldi in second place, Siebert third
4 maggio11:58
Blomqvist leads under the rain
On the Italian circuit of Vallelunga with wet track the Finnish Rookie driver of KIC Motorsport conquers all pole positions
3 maggio16:04
Vesti is the fastest in free practice at Vallelunga
Battle between the two Prema Powerteam drivers leading general classification
3 maggio11:18
Nannini in Vallelunga with DF Corse by Corbetta
The Italian driver ready to race in the new Project Italia Academy 2019
29 aprile15:27
Joey Mawson with Van Amersfoort Racing AV
The Australian joins the Dutch team and is ready for Vallelunga
14 aprile11:05
Race 3: still Vesti
The Danish is the real hero of the first appointment of the Formula Regional
13 aprile19:39
Race 2: result is provisional
Due to non-compliance of car 64 result of race 2 is provisional
13 aprile16:09
Caldwell from pole to victory
Battle by the English is amazing, first with Fraga and then with Fittipaldi
13 aprile13:04
In the battle Vesti is the winner
The Danish takes advantage of the battle between his two teammates and manages to take distance for the first win of the championship
12 aprile18:36
Fittipaldi, Caldwell and Vesti in pole
QP1 is conquered by the Brazilian, while QP2 is English, but race 3 will be led at the start by Vesti
12 aprile15:04
FP2 at Paul Ricard
Prema in front in the FP2 with Caldwell, Vesti and Fittipaldi
12 aprile10:10
Free session 1 at Paul Ricard
First free session of the year starts at Paul Ricard with wet track that quickly dries for final best lap by Guzman
27 marzo19:16
Sophia Flörsch and Van Amersfoort Racing at the start of the Championship
The line-up of the Formula Regional European Championship grows with Sophia Flörsch in team Van Amersfoort Racing
23 marzo17:11
Igor Fraga with DR Formula by RP Motorsport
The Brazilian driver born in Japan will race in the team of Danilo Rossi
5 marzo13:10
David Schumacher in Formula Regional
The son of Ralph Schumacher to race all the championship with US Racing
4 marzo11:25
Formula Regional with Sharon Scolari and team ScoRace by Viola Formula
Number of drivers in the Formula Regional grows, now also with a feminine presence, driver Sharon Scolari, together with team ScoRace by Viola Formula
25 febbraio16:52
The third name of Prema Powerteam in Formula Regional confirmed
Frederik Vesti completes Prema's Formula Regional European Championship certified by FIA drivers' line-up
22 febbraio18:15
5 teams at Vallelunga with the single-seaters of the Formula Regional
On the Italian circuit 9 single-seaters for Formula Regional have been testing
12 febbraio08:52
Technorace ready for Formula Regional
Technorace on track for shakedown of the new single-seater
11 febbraio14:00
Olli Caldwell stays on with Prema for new Formula Regional European Championship
Prema Powerteam announces its first of 3 drivers for the 2019 Formula Regional European Championship certified by FIA
7 febbraio12:27
Tatuus F3 ready for Scuderia DF Corse by Corbetta
Scuderia DF Corse by Corbetta widens its effort from the Italian F4 to the Formula Regional
2 febbraio10:37
US Racing in the Formula Regional European Championship
US Racing, the Racing Team of Gerhard Ungar and Ralf Schumacher, is extending its race program in the season 2019 and will join the Formula Regional European Championship with two cars
1 febbraio15:48
Guzman in Formula Regional with DR Formula by RP Motorsport
The Mexican driver set for return to the team led by Danilo Rossi
30 gennaio13:56
Bardinon with MCR in the Formula Regional European Championship certified by FIA
The French driver Alexandre Bardinon will race with MCR team in the new Formula Regional European Championship certified by FIA
23 gennaio15:28
Agreement between ACI Sport and Motorsport Network
Agreement between ACI Sport and Motorsport Network to offer maximum international visibility to the Formula Regional European Championship certified by FIA
18 gennaio12:47
Lappalainen and Blomqvist with the KIC Motorsport in the Formula Regional European Championship Certified by FIA
The Finnish team KIC Motorsport confirms the participation to the Formula Regional European Championship certified by FIA of the Finnish Konsta Lappalainen and the Swedish Isac Blomqvist
9 gennaio15:46
Dates reversed between Mugello and Monza
The last 2 appointments of the 2019 Formula Regional European Championship certified by FIA swap dates: Mugello will take plance the 6th and Monza the 20th of October.