Vallellunga, race 1: Hauger takes the victory away from Rasmussen

The VAR driver starts better than the Dane and takes the first position and then holds it with his teeth until the end. Petecof fourth and Leclerc fifth despite a spin

Start is in wet racing conditions and Rain tires. From pole position Rasmussen has a little delay and Dennis Hauger does not hesitate to take the lead. Behind him, Chovet and Petecof parade, while after a few curves an aggressive Arthur Leclerc spins and brings with him an innocent Jamie Laura Chadwick. 5 seconds penalty for the Monegasque.

In front, Hauger and Rasmussen gain distance from Petecof, Chovet and Pasma by 2 seconds.

Rasmussen approaches Hauger under the second and attacks him several times thanks to a faster pace, but without success.



Halfway through the race, Pierre-Louis Chovet retires due to technical problems with the car, while the fastest on the track is Patrik Pasma, who with a series of fast laps reaches Petecof and then passes him at a much higher pace, such as to allow him to gain distance from the Brazilian after a few curves.

The Finn manages, thanks to the best pace on the track, to catch up and then pass Oliver Rasmussen, who in the meantime has lost pace and has been detached from Dennis Hauger.




In the last laps Leclerc manages to pass Lappalainen, but due to the 5" penalty, he remains sixth in the final standings.

Hauger wins, ahead of Pasma, Rasmussen and Petecof, who increases his advantage on Leclerc in the general classification.

"I was able to join Oliver at the start and to pass. Then it wasn't easy because he had more rhythm until halfway through the race when, I don't know how, I managed to stretch up to the checkered flag. I'm very happy for myself and for the team", commented the Norwegian driver.