20 ottobre15:52
Vito Postiglione and Luigi Lucchini (Porsche GT3R) are the GT3 Italian Champions
Ebimotors' drivers harvested a 6th place that awarded the German brand with the most prestigious title of the Italian GT Championship. The race was won by Kristoffersson-Frassineti (Audi R8 LMS), followed by Ragginger-Renauer and Passuti-Mapelli.
19 ottobre18:52
Postiglione-Lucchini (Porsche GT3R) win race-1
Three Porsches on the podium with Ebimotors lineup leading Passuti-Mapelli and Ragginger-Renauer. Bad luck for Venturi-Maino that had a problem with a tyre while leading the pack.
19 ottobre13:11
Mirko Venturi  (Ferrari 458 Italia) and Giacomo Barri (Lamborghini Gallardo) on pole
Black Bull Swiss Racing's driver led Vito Postiglione (Porsche GT3R) in the first session, while Imperiale Racing's driver ended on top proceeding Tommy Maino (Ferrari 458 Italia) in the second.
16 ottobre16:20
Heading to Monza : - 2, the final challenge for the GT3 title is getting closer
All set in Monza for the final round of the season with Comandini-Colombo, Postiglione-Lucchini and Venturi-Maino on top and within eight points. The underdog Gabriele Lancieri ready to get into the title fight.
15 settembre18:26
Sanna-Barri (Lamborghini Gallardo) win a wet race 2
A deluge in Vallelunga forced race direction to end the race ten minutes early with Imperiale Racing's drivers deservely on the top step of the podium ahead of Comandini-Colombo (BMW) and Frassineti-Kristoffersson (Audi).
15 settembre10:57
Comandini-Colombo (BMW Z4) win Vallelunga's race-1
ROAL Motorsport's lineup repeated the win of Imola and relaunch their classification chances. Behind them, Kristoffersson-Frassineti (Audi R8 LMS) and Passuti-Mapelli (Porsche GT3R). In GT Cup the victory went to Pan-Gardel (Porsche 997).
14 settembre18:26
Mirko Venturi (Ferrari 458 Italia) and Vito Postiglione (Porsche GT3R) get the two pole positions
The Black Bull Swiss Racing's driver proceeded Stefano Colombo in qualy one, while Ebimotors' colors bearer led Giacomo Barri in the second session.
11 settembre14:14
Vallelunga race track to house the 6th and penultimate round of the Italian GT Championship
Duel on top for Porsche and Ferrari in GT3 with Audi, BMW and Lamborghini ready to steal the victory. In GT Cup debut of the Lamborghini Gallardo of Mirko Zanardini that will race with the memory of Andrea Mamè. recently passed away. Live coverage on Rai Sport 2 on Sunday.
1 settembre16:39
Michela Cerruti completes the BMW success with the victory in race-2
The young Milanese got on the top step of the podium at the end of a tight race run with the grit of the champions. Second place for Venturi-Maino and third for Postiglione-Lucchini.
1 settembre11:30
BMW dominating Imola's race-1 with Comandini-Colombo and Michela Cerruti
One-two for ROAL Motorsport's color bearers that made the void behind them. Third position for the Ferrari 458 Italia of Lancieri-Cirò. Win to Babini-Bianco (Porsche 997) in GT Cup.
31 agosto17:57
Imola's poles go to Stefano Colombo (BMW Z4) and Mirko Venturi (Ferrari 458 Italia)
The two drivers dominated qualifying, but the absolute protagonist has been Michela Cerruti, very good second in both sessions.
28 agosto15:43
The Italian GT Championship to resume from Imola
The tricolored series heading to the final part of the season that will decide the winners of GT3 and GT Cup titles. The Live coverage of race 1 will be on Raisport2 on Sunday at 9, recorded broadcast of race 2 at 17.20. Live web streaming also available at
21 luglio18:07
Venturi-Maino (Ferrari 458 Italia) on the top step of race-2's podium
Stunning victory for Black Bull Swisse Racing's drivers that proceeded the Porsche GRT3 driven by Postiglione-Lucchini and the Audi R8 LMS of Kristoffersson-Frassineti.
21 luglio12:27
Capello-Sonvico (Audi R8 LMS) win race one
Audi Sport Italia's lineup get the first win of the season, leading the Ferrari 458 Italia of Venturi-Maino and the Porsche GT3R of Passuti-Mapelli.
20 luglio19:15
Andrea Sonvico (Audi R8 LMS) and Mirko Venturi (Ferrari 458 Italia) get Imola's pole start
Audi Sport Italia's driver quickest in the first qualifying session while Black Bull Swisse Racing's one broke the 1.44 wall in the 2nd session.
17 luglio16:40
The fourth round of the Italian GT Championship on stage at the Enzo and Dino Ferrari circuit of Imola
The Porsche-Ferrari duel will inflame the two races marking the turning point of season 2013, but several other drivers can aim to the podium too. In GT-Cup Bianco-Babini ready to defend their classification lead.
7 luglio19:20
Lancieri-Cirò (Ferrari 458 Italia) win Mugello's race-2
MP1 Corse's drivers secured the second win of the day for the car of the Pranching Horse, ahead of the BMW Z4 of Comandini-Colombo and the Porsche GT3R of Postiglione-Lucchini.
7 luglio13:34
Mugello: Venturi-Maino (Ferrari 458 Italia) get race-1
Black Bull Swisse Racing's lineup proceeded the two BMW Z4 of Comandini-Colombo and Cerruti. In GT Cup victory for Donativi-Giondi (Porsche 997).
6 luglio17:39
Alex Frassineti (Audi R8 LMS) and Mirko Venturi (Ferrari 458 Italia) get the two pole positions
Audi Sport Italia's driver quickest in the first session with a time of 1'49.938, but the driver of Black Bull Swisse Racing bettered him in the second heat with a 1'49.245
3 luglio17:40
Heading to Mugello for the third round of the Italian GT Championship
The Porsche GT3R of Autorlando back on the Tuscany track, debut for the fashion guru Lawrence Stroll on the Ferrari 458 Italia. In GT Cup, GDL Racing to line a second car up for former F1 driver Domenico Schiattarella.
16 giugno17:29
Red Bull Ring, the Porsche of Postiglione-Lucchini on the top step of the podium
Ebimotors' lineup won race-2 getting also the lead in the GT3 classification, ahead of the Ferrari 458 Italia of Lancieri-Cirò and the Audi R8 LMS of Frassineti-Kristoffersson.
16 giugno12:02
Red Bull Ring, Venturi-Maino (Ferrari 458 Italia) get race-1
The lineup of Black Bull Swisse Racing wins leading the Audi R8 LMS of Capello-Sonvico and the Lamborghini Gallardo of Sanna-Barri. Race 2 is scheduled for 15,40 (GMT+1) with live coverage on Raisport2.
15 giugno18:27
Red Bull Ring: Michela Cerruti (BMW Z4) and Vito Postiglione (Porsche GT3R) secured the two pole positions of the Italian GT
The colour bearers of ROAL Motorsport and Ebimotors secured the GT3 pole position on the Austrian track. Jacoma and Babini will start on pole in class GT Cup. TV coverage on Raisport two for tomorrow races: with the first live at 10.10 (GMT+1) and the second recorded at 17.
12 giugno13:42
Heading to Red Bull Ring for the second round of the Italian GT Championship
Passuti-Mapelli and Postiglione-Lucchini at the start of the two Austrian races on top of the classification. At the start two new lineups: Mancini-La Mazza (Ferrari 458 Italia) and Amos-Piccini (Lamborghini Gallardo).
5 maggio14:35
Misano, Passuti-Mapelli on the top step of the podium in race 2
Another victory for the Porsche GT3R, the one belonging to Antonelli Motorsport, which led the Ferrari 458 Italia driven by Lancieri-Cirò and the twin car of Ebimotors with Postiglione-Lucchini.
5 maggio10:30
Misano, Postiglione-Lucchini (Porsche GT3R) win race-1
Ebimotors' lineup triumphant in a thrilling race topping the twin car driven by Passuti-Mapelli and the Ferrari 458 Italia of Lancieri-Cirò. Marco Magli (Porsche 997 Cup) on top of the GT Cup.
4 maggio20:25
Mirko Venturi (Ferrari 458 Italia) gets race-2's pole
After Porsche's pole in qualy one, the Red from Maranello secured the pole in the second session with the colors bearer of Black Bull Swisse Racing, the GT3R of Christian Passuti and the BMW of Stefano Colombo follow.
4 maggio17:52
Misano, Vito Postiglione (Porsche GT3R) gets the first pole of the season
Ebimotors driver managed to set the quickest lap at the end of a very tight first session of the Italian GT season opener, leading the other Porsche of Marco Mapelli and the Lamborghini Gallardo driven by Giacomo Barri.
1 maggio11:58
All set at Misano World Circuit for the 11th edition of the Italian GT Championship
Two races to open this weekend the 2013 Italian GT in an edition that features a very interesting entry list with several cars lined up by works teams.
29 aprile13:39
Sonvico-Capello and Frassineti-Kristofferson the two Audi's lineups for class GT3
The latest entry is the Swedish champion that will race alongside the Italian already protagonist in the past season forming one of the youngest lineups of the Italian GT. Necchi to share RC Motorsport's Corvette Z 06 with Del Castello.
26 aprile17:34
Postiglione-Lucchini (Porsche GT3) joining forces with Ebimotors in class GT3
Brand new lineup for Enrico Borghi who will be bringing on track the winner of 2012's Carrera Cup and the young promising driver from Brescia.
25 aprile13:23
Marco Mapelli to share the cockpit of Antonelli Motorsport's Porsche GT3R with Christian Passuti
The Italian 2010 GT Cup Champion will be back to the Italian GT after a season in Carrera Cup and the participation in the International Open GT. GT Cup's lineups have been announced too.
22 aprile23:12
Corvette is the sixth maker present in GT3
Roberto Del Castello back in the Italian GT waiting to decide on the co-equiper increases the number of Brands to be racing in the 11th edition of the Italian GT Championship.
27 marzo15:19
Team Imperiale Racing's Lamborghini Gallardo GT3 to wear a celebratory livery
Mirandola-based team is ready for the big leap from GT Cup to the major class of the tricolored GT where the will compete against BMW, Audi, Porsche and Ferrari.
23 marzo12:21
Gabriele Lancieri is the first drive of Team MP1 Corse
Gabriele Lancieri will be the diamond head of the Ancona based team MP1 Corse, that will line up a brand new Ferrari 458 Italia (version 2013) in class GT3.
18 marzo08:49
Antonelli Motorsport ready for the title quest
A GT3 challenger with final victory ambition and at least three GT Cup cars to be lined up by the team led by Marco Antonelli, once again wearing Porsche's colors.
7 marzo14:54
GT 2013, Black Bull Swisse Racing to field two 458 Italia Ferraris in class GT3
The Swiss team, winner of the Blancpain Lamborghini 2010 Supertrophy, is set to make its debut in the Italian GT with two Maranello's Reds equipped with the 2013 upgrade package. The lineups behind the wheel will be the pairing Venturi-Maino and Andrea Invernizzi.
26 febbraio09:29
GT 2013: Stefano Comandini and Michela Cerruti confirmed at Roal Motorsport
The GT3 title winner team will lineup two BMW Z4, one given to the Roman driver who is still waiting to know his co-equiper, while the other will be given to the 26 years old from Milan that will run alone the whole season.
2 febbraio10:20
GT 2013: the live coverage of the racing season on RAISPORT 2
All the 14 races in the calendar will be broadcast by the national TV channel available both on freview and SKY, thanks to a solid media planning.
29 gennaio11:05
GT 2013, the Lamborghini Gallardo FL2 to race in GT3 class
Giorgio Sanna and Giacomo Barri will defend the colors of the House from Sant'Agata Bolognese, that has been a strong protagonist of the past two editions of the GT Cup class, with Team Imperiale Racing.