Borsa di Studio Watkins per la sicurezza

Lanciato il bando dal FIA Global Institute for Motor Sport Safety

Il FIA Global Institute for Motor Sport Safety lancia un bando per l'assegnazione di una Borsa di Studio Watkins per progetti di ricerca in tema di Sicurezza nel Motorsport (settori tecnico e medico).

Chi desidera partecipare ha tempo fino a venerdì 20 ottobre 2017 per inviare la documentazione richiesta a:

Natacha Di Sivuilu Gerber (

Qui di seguito il Comunicato Stampa e in allegato le condizioni ed i termini.


New Watkins Scholarship in Motor Sport
Safety Launched

Applications open for Sid Watkins Scholarship 2018, an initiative established in honour of the safety pioneer

Candidates are invited to apply for the latest Sid Watkins Scholarship, a fully funded position that will enable the winner to contribute to important safety research across all levels of motor sport, from Formula One to karting.

The FIA, FIA Foundation and the Global Institute are jointly funding the scholarship, which aims to identify and encourage the next generation of medical and engineering experts in the field of motor sport safety. The successful applicant will have the opportunity to conduct research and engineering projects with the Geneva-based Global Institute, the FIA’s safety research partner.

The recipient of the scholarship will be selected by a panel of experts, led by Global Institute General Manager, Research, Laurent Mekies.

He said: “This is the third iteration of the Watkins Scholarship and it has proved to be a great success so far. The recipient of the award will be working on high-level safety projects that directly benefit motor sport worldwide.”

Professor Sid Watkins OBE, who passed away in September 2012, is regarded as one of the leading pioneers of safety in motor racing. His efforts to implement higher standards saved multiple lives and have had a lasting impact at all levels of the sport. The scholarship, which was established in 2015, pays tribute to his vision and philosophy.

Nikil Abraham, who graduated with a Masters Degree in Automotive Engineering from the FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences, won the 2017 scholarship and has since worked on a number of high profile projects, including safety developments in Formula One, World Rally and the World Endurance Championship.

He said: “This scholarship has enabled me to work on groundbreaking projects and to make a real contribution to the improvement of safety across all levels of racing. I would encourage all engineering or medical graduates with an interest in motor sport and motivation to do research in safety to apply.”

Applicants will be expected to have recently completed an advanced tertiary qualification (e.g. a Masters Degree or PhD), and be able to demonstrate a high level of academic success. They must also be highly motivated with a strong interest in motor sport, either in the medical or engineering fields, as demonstrated by previous academic work, professional engagements or extra-curricular pursuits.

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Editor's Note
The Global Institute for Motor Sport Safety is an international organisation based in Switzerland that undertakes research to improve motor sport safety worldwide. It is wholly owned by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (the FIA), motor sport’s governing body, but is a separate legal entity, enabling it to have the freedom to undertake all types safety research work across motor sport, from professional categories to grass roots racing. Through innovation and excellence in safety research, the Global Institute aims provide motor sport with the means to operate in as safe a manner as possible, and where relevant, promote the use of this research on public roads for society in general.


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