The Italian Rally Championship climbing all the way up to the Pale di San Martino

14/09/2011 – Paolo Andreucci, Luca Rossetti, Alessandro Perico, Umberto Scandola, Gianfranco Cunico, Alessio Pisi and then Andrea Nucita, Simone Campedelli and Andrea Crugnola. All the top drivers of the Italian Rally Championship will be present in the 31st Rally of San Martino di Castrozza and Primiero (Tn).

The last round of the tricolored season will be the decisive one for the Independents Trophy and for the Italian Junior Rally Championship. The championship is about to live three racing days on the stunning Dolomites stage with the certainty of witnessing a first class sportive spectacle. The latest victories of Luca Rossetti and his Abarth Grande Punto in Udine and the great, but unlucky in the end, race of Umberto Scandola and his Ford Fiesta Super 2000 enlivened the fight for top positions. This battle will also see the new Italian title winner Paolo Andreucci, Peugeot, as one of the main contestants in with the objective in mind of winning to state once more his supremacy in this season.

The most awaited result is that of the Italian Rally Junior Championship that sees Andrea Nucita, Renault and Simone Campedelli, Citreon Ds3, still fighting for the title. The situation sees the first solidly ahead but Citroen decided anyway to line up on the side of Campedelli Andrea Crugnola, while this will be the first exit with a Ds3 also for Fabrizio Ferrari.

Another interesting result will involve the National Independents Trophy, a series reserved to private drivers, where the Veronese Umberto Scandola currently leads the pack followed by Gianfranco Cunico and Andrea Perico, with the latter two forced to win to keep the championship hopes still open.
In the absolute classification the fight is still open for the honour place, both in terms of drivers, where Rossetti, Perico, Cunico and Scandola, are all candidates, and in terms of constructors where Abarth and Ford will play their chances.

The 31st Rally of San Martino di Castrozza and Primiero will also mark the conclusion of the Trophy Clio R3 Top season.

The title fight is still open for Andrea Nucita (PA Racing), Ivan Ferrarotti (Gima) and Marco Signor (DP Autosport). Nucita will have a double commitment as he will have to defend the first position in the Italian Junior 2011 Championship.

Sportive and technical verifications are scheduled for tomorrow, followed by the shakedown and the official start set for 20:31 (local time, GMT+2). A short transfer to the piazzale Rosalpina will proceed the start of stage one “San Martino” (1.9km) at 20:41. The first 33 drivers will start with inverted positions from number 33 down to 1 which will guarantee emotions all the way to the top drivers' races. On Friday three stages will be repeated twice: "Manghen" (15,21 km, start at 10:05 and 15:10), "Val Malene" (26,87 km, at 11:05 and 16:10) and "Sagron" (8,58 km, at 12:20 and 17:25) and will go through the beautiful vallies of Fiemme, Tesino and Primiero. On Saturday three stages are scheduled for the morning starting from "Gobbera" (11,14 km, at 8:35) in the Vanoi valley, followed by the "Col Perer" (13,44 km, at 9:35) and "Val Malene" (26,87 km, at 10:20). The grand finale is for the afternoon with live coverage on Rai Sport 2 starting from 13:30. The afternoon stages will be "Griffitz" (1,68 km), going through a portion of the "Gobbera", and the repeat of the "Col Perer" (at 14:50) before coming back to San Martino, where the finish ceremony will start at 17:00 and podium on the square Sass Maor.