10 dicembre18:01
PREMA Powerteam enters 2021 Formula Regional European Championship by Alpine
PREMA Powerteam will continue its involvement in the Formula Regional European Championship as the series will enter its new era in 2021.
9 dicembre15:07
13 teams ready for the new series
13 teams choose the Formula Regional European Championship by Alpine – certified by FIA, born from the come together of ACI Sport Formula Regional and Formula Renault Eurocup
6 dicembre15:11
Gianluca Petecof is the 2020 Champion!!!
Leclerc goes out of track and leaves the title to Petecof. Rasmussen wins race 3.
6 dicembre09:29
Race 2 of F Regional and F4 suspended
The torrential rain of the night and the morning stops Race 2 of the Formula Regional and F4 from starting. The program is planned to be resumed at 11.
5 dicembre14:07
Vallellunga, race 1: Hauger takes the victory away from Rasmussen
The VAR driver starts better than the Dane and takes the first position and then holds it with his teeth until the end. Petecof fourth and Leclerc fifth despite a spin
5 dicembre10:00
Vallelunga, qualifying: Rasmussen does not give up
With wet tires, Oliver Rasmussen is clearly the fastest. Unfortunate Leclerc stopped by engine problems.
4 dicembre13:51
Valellunga, free practice: Petecof and Hauger the fastest
On a wet and very cold track, Hauger is first in free practice 1, while the fastest time of the day is achieved by the championship leader, Petecof.
22 novembre14:11
Imola, race 3: Pasma wins ahead of Leclerc
Overtaking on the Imola circuit between cars with the same performance is really difficult, and so Pasma endures the whole race against a very fast Leclerc.
22 novembre08:54
Imola, race 2: Pasma wins, Leclerc retires
Unlucky the Monegasque driver who while he was first in the initial laps is forced to retire due to technical problems, while Pasma wins in front of Rodriguez and Petecof, who returns first in the championship.
21 novembre14:14
Imola, race 1: Rodriguez and DR Formula win
The driver from Guatemala leads from the start with Rasmussen not starting due to gearbox problems. Behind Hauger second in the end leads Leclerc, finally third, to a mistake.
21 novembre10:13
Imola qualifying: Rasmussen pole in race 1, while Leclerc conquers it for race 2, and Pasma for race 3
It is the Danish Prema driver who conquers the pole of race 1, while in the second session Leclerc is amazing. Excellent Pasma who conquers race 3 pole
20 novembre14:11
Imola FP: Leclerc and Hauger
In the first free practice session on Friday the Imola track is wet and Leclerc is the fastest, but the Monegasque is blocked by gearbox problems for FP2, where a very fast and effective Hauger stands out on a dry track in the afternoon
12 novembre10:35
Ian Rodriguez joins DR Formula at the Imola testing
Guatemala's driver set for Formula Regional debut alongside Emidio Pesce
1 novembre10:28
Barcelona race 3: VAR, Chovet and Hauger
Finally, the success for Van Amersfoort Racing after the excellent qualifying, with a Chovet - Hauger couple that shows how the Dutch team has arrived in good shape on the Spanish circuit. Third is Petecof, who extends in the championship on Leclerc, fourth.
31 ottobre18:13
Rasmussen again, with an excellent Hauger
It is again the Prema driver who conquers the victory also in race 2, with a rematch in the championship also against the two teammates, Leclerc and Petecof, who are delayed. Very well Hauger, who, however, fails to win.
31 ottobre13:38
FIA Regional powers into new era with Alpine
FIA Regional powers into a new era with Alpine
31 ottobre11:06
Barcelona race 1: Rasmussen wins, too bad for Chovet
The poleman of the VAR stalls at the start and has to fight to recover up to the seventh position. Rasmussen wins quick to take the lead over Hauger who is "only" third behind Leclerc. Fifth Petecof who started seventh.
30 ottobre17:30
Barcellona, qualifying: great Chovet, extraordinary Hauger
On the Spanish F1 circuit, new faces to conquer pole positions: Chovet in great shape, while the arrival of Hauger in Van Amerfoort brings back the overwhelming successes of the Italian F4.
18 ottobre16:00
Monza, race 3: Pasma wins, Monza is his
The Finnish driver of KIC Motorsport wins race 3 and shows that on the Brianza circuit he is unbeatable. Behind Petecof limits the damage, while Lappalainen confirms that KIC is in good shape on this circuit.
18 ottobre10:07
Monza, race 2: Rasmussen is second but wins
The Danish driver of PREMA passes second on the finish line, but wins due to the 5 "penalty to Pasma. Petecof with the sixth place goes to the lead of the general classification thanks to the retirement of Leclerc. Excellent Lappalainen, Chovet and Famularo.
17 ottobre14:51
Extraordinary Pasma
Patrik Pasma and KIC Motorsport break PREMA Motorsport's supremacy with a victory of strength. Behind Petecof, Leclerc, Rasmussen and Famularo.
17 ottobre12:07
Pasma in pole also in race 1
Petecof loses pole due to a penality
17 ottobre10:23
Monza, qualifying: Petecof, Pasma and Leclerc
There are 3 to win the pole position on the F1 circuit of Monza, with Petecof who in the first session blows the pole in the last lap to the second Pasma, who takes his revenge in the second session, while Leclerc obtains the best second time. race pole 3.
14 ottobre19:33
Test in Monza: Petecof, ahead of Rasmussen, Leclerc and Chovet
The Brazilian driver from Prema is the fastest in the official tests at the Monza circuit, ahead of team mates Rasmussen and Leclerc, with an excellent fourth Chovet. The first seven are extremely close.
4 ottobre16:18
Leclerc also on dry track, it is triplete!
Loses the first position from pole, but then the Monegasque recovers from Rasmussen and Petecof respectively steering and second at the end of the race. The new championship leader is Leclerc!
4 ottobre13:00
Leclerc masterpiece, Chovet is perfect
In an exciting and complicated race due to the variable track conditions, the Monegasque once again seems from another planet in the wet, while Chovet gets an extraordinary second place thanks to a perfect strategy, held back only by the safety car.
3 ottobre15:51
Red above all, and an amazing Bortoleto
The fast and attentive Italian makes no mistake, while Bortoleto's comeback from 12th to second final position is stratospheric. Then Ugran, while Minì is a bit in difficulty and ends up at the foot of the podium. Great Fornaroli fifth, while Beganovic conquers the sixth position.
3 ottobre14:50
Mugello race 1: Leclerc talent of the rain
On average 3 seconds faster than anyone else on the track, the Monegasque driver wins despite a 10-second penalty. Second Vips and third Rasmussen. Petecof only fourth, while a good performance for Chovet fifth.
3 ottobre12:10
Mugello, qualifying: Rasmussen and Leclerc
On the Tuscan track the two PREMA drivers conquer the 3 poles, while Petecof is in slightly more difficulty. Vips and Lappalainen also do well.
2 ottobre15:52
Mugello: Rasmussen challenges teammates
It is always a battle between the three PREMA Powerteam drivers, while behind them the trio that follows is compact in just one tenth
13 settembre17:03
Red Bull Ring, race 3: Petecof does not let anybody by this time
Petecof decisively keeps Rasmussen and Leclerc behind at the start and then stretches to victory. Alessandro Famularo and Jamie Chadwick also do well.
13 settembre12:36
Red Bull Ring, race 2: Rasmussen back to victory
Prema Powerteam podium, this time with the Dane in command, followed by an attentive Petecof who strengthens his championship leadership.
12 settembre14:14
Red Bull Ring, race 1: Petecof has no rivals
After the three pole positions comes the victory in race 1 for the Brazilian of the Prema team, who from pole and after a SC always keeps the lead and stretches ahead of Leclerc and Rasmussen.
12 settembre10:34
3 poles for Petecof
The Brazilian from Prema and FDA wins 3 poles
11 settembre18:04
Red Bull Ring. free practice 2: 5 drivers in 2 tenths
The Formula Regional at the Red Bull Ring was very hard-fought, with 5 drivers from 3 different teams in just 2 tenths. In front is Rasmussen
11 settembre14:30
Red Bull Ring. Free Practice 1. Pasma sets the pace
The Finn of KIC Motorsport is the fastest in the first free practice session
9 settembre17:36
At the Red Bull Ring F4 and F Regional with 42 drivers and lots of TV coverage
42 drivers will compete on yet another F1 circuit of the F4 and FRegional calendars, the Red Bull Ring.
23 agosto12:15
Paul Ricard, race 3: Leclerc again
An error at the start by Petecof leaves room for Leclerc who manages to resist the Brazilian's return in the final. Third is an excellent Vips, ahead of Rasmussen and Pasma.
22 agosto18:50
Paul Ricard, race 2: Petecof broads his shoulders and wins over Leclerc
From pole position the Brazilian driver sprints well and must defend himself from the Monegasque's attacks throughout the race. Behind them a fantastic duel and overtaking by VIps on Chevet for third position.
22 agosto14:49
GT Open confirms race 1 streaming cancelled due to technical difficulties
GT Open has informed ACI Sport and WSK Promotion that technical difficulties with satellite signal have not permitted the streaming of the race, but problems have now been solved
22 agosto12:08
Paul Ricard, race 1: Leclerc on a fighting Petecof and Chovet
Leclerc, Petecof, Vips and Chovet leave the rest of the group behind and battle to the end of the race
21 agosto18:55
Leclerc and Petecof in pole
The two teammates duel for pole positions in QP1 and QP2, with the Brazilian conquering the track record. Behind them Vips and Chovet. The Brazilain conquers also pole for race 3.
21 agosto14:22
Leclerc sees pole
Although only the FP2, Arthur Leclerc puts 351 thousandths between himself and the second, an excellent Patrick Pasma. Qualifying at 17.54.
2 agosto12:17
Race 3: Petecof on Leclerc
Leclerc loses the leadership at the start in favor of Petecof who is very good at holding the first position from the attacks of the Monegasque. Behind Rasmussen and Vips
1 agosto20:58
Leclerc on his first win in Formula Regional
Excellent start without problems for the Monegasque, who rams fast laps and wins his first victory in front of Petecof and Rasmussen
1 agosto15:20
Between fiery battles Rasmussen wins
The Dane makes a great overtaking after a few turns on Leclerc and Petecof who come to contact also with Vips. Second Patrik Pasma and third Jamie Chadwick
31 luglio19:16
Leclerc already the fastest
The Monegasque does not disappoint with pole in both sessions, but Petecof and Vips are very close behind him
31 luglio13:33
Misano Circuit: in free practice Leclerc leads
In free practice on Friday morning on a hot track the fastest are Leclerc, Patecof, Rasmussen and Chadwick
29 luglio17:00
ACI Sport and FIA certified formulas at the Misano start for the 2020 Championship
Finally, at the Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli the start of two championships that lead to F1 from karting, the Italian F4 Championship powered by Abarth and the Formula Regional European Championship certified by FIA
10 luglio14:28
F1: ACI, "The GP at Mugello is a reason for double satisfaction"
The President of the Automobile Club of Italy, Angelo Sticchi Damiani, underlines the great result of the Italian Motorsports Federation
1 luglio10:31
Red Bull Junior Team driver Jüri Vips with KIC
KIC Motorsport signed Estonian Red Bull Junior Team driver Jüri Vips - All three KIC Motorsport drivers in excellent pace at test days in Imola
26 giugno17:03
Test Imola: Petecof and Ugran in FRegional and F4
The Brazilian and Romanian first among the participants in the two respective championships
16 giugno11:35
Jamie Chadwick with Prema for the 2020 Formula Regional Championship
PREMA Powerteam is proud to announce that British sensation Jamie Chadwick will join the team's Formula Regional European Championship operation for the upcoming season.
11 giugno15:04
Calendar 2020 confirmed
The Formula Regional European Championship, the only FIA-certified championship of the same category, will start again in Misano on August 2
19 maggio17:43
On-track racing heading towards restart
Motorsport is about to restart with Formula Regional and the Italian Championships on track. The new calendar and the update of the protocol for testing and training is now ready
11 maggio15:30
Tatuus launches the F4 and Formula Regional virtual challenges project among professional drivers of yesterday and today
EWSK Formula Super Masters is the exciting virtual championship launched by Tatuus in collaboration with WSK Promotion and certified by ACI Sport and ACI Esport
14 aprile09:49
Formula Regional European Championship Certified by FIA the only championship awarded 25 points for Super License
The European series guarantees over 200,000 euros in prize money and a test organized by Ferrari on a single-seater of the FIA Formula 3 Championship in the presence of FDA observers. ACI Sport and WSK Promotion at work to confirm all 2020 Formula Regional and F4 events
8 aprile09:46
The two ACI RAcing Weekends of Monza May 15/17 and Imola May 29/31 postponed td TBD date
ACI Sport also confirms that it has prepared alternative solutions that currently allow the program of Formula Regional European Championship, all the Italian championships, and single-brand trophies, included in the ACI Racing Weekends 2020, to be carried out in the number of races scheduled.
2 aprile17:48
Let us relive the emotions of the Formula Regional European Championship certified by FIA 2019
The clip signed ACI Sport with the protagonists of the Formula Regional European Championship certified by FIA 2019
2 aprile08:15
ACI Racing Weekend 2020
ACI Sport working on calendars to allow the program of all the Italian track speed championships and single-brand trophies to be included in the same racing weekends
19 marzo16:55
Paul Ricard race postponed
The impact of the COVID-19 emergency required the opening race to be postponed, so it will be held in August
18 marzo12:44
New sporting commitment for the Roman Andrea Cola
The twenty-year-old driver, recently awarded by the Automobile Club of Rome, as the best 2019 promise of the Capitoline sports car, will be at the start of the European Formula Regional Championship with a single-seater curated by the Monolite Racing Team.
13 marzo11:40
Monolite Racing in Formula Regional
Rudi Mariotto's team ready for the 2020 championship
10 marzo18:18
KIC Motorsport officialises Patrik Pasma
The starting grid of Formula Regional 2020 is constantly increasing
6 marzo16:48
12 drivers already testing at Paul Ricard
Tests at the F1 track that will open 2020 season
4 marzo10:00
For the winner of the Formula Regional European Championship 2020 a test in FIA F3 with the observers of the Ferrari Driver Academy
The Maranello-based company looks with great attention to the championship which in 2020 will feature two FDA drivers
28 febbraio09:06
Emidio Pesce joins DR Formula for his Formula Regional debut
The Italian is the first driver confirmed for the 2020 season from the team led by Danilo Rossi
19 febbraio11:30
Oliver Rasmussen with Prema
PREMA Powerteam wishes to announce that Danish driver Oliver Rasmussen will remain with the team for the 2020 season and will move up to make his debut in the Formula Regional European Championship. The 19-year-old racer is set for a key step in a driver's career, moving away from Formula 4 competition after a 2-year stint.
18 febbraio16:10
VAR adds Venezuelan Alessandro Famularo to their F3 Regional European Championship driver line-up

Zeewolde, February 18, 2020 – Van Amersfoort Racing proudly announces the signing of Alessandro Famularo into their Formula Regional European

13 febbraio15:39
Chovet with Van Amersfoort for the 2020 season
Van Amersfoort Racing returns to the F3 Regional European Championship with Frenchman Pierre-Louis Chovet
13 febbraio14:42
Staněk with Prema for the 2020 season
PREMA Powerteam announces today that Roman Staněk will join the Italian operation for the 2020 Formula Regional European Championship
11 febbraio10:50
Enzo Fittipaldi and Prema awarded by ACI at Monza ENI Circuit
The Brazilian and the 2019 champion team were awarded together with the champions and teams of all the ACI Sport championships, for their excellent 2019 season in Formula Regional
23 gennaio12:11
Team Maestro by Cram and Gillian Track Events GTE officially in the Formula Regional 2020
With the important starting base of all 2019 teams confirming their participation in the 2020 Championship, new teams are officially entering the FIA certified Series, bringing the total number of teams today to 10
17 gennaio14:43
Prema officialises Leclerc and Petecof for 2020 season
Two FDA drivers in the Formula Regional European Championship confirm the goodness and interest in the FIA certified championship
14 gennaio12:34
The presentation of the championship is online on
Awards, resources deployed and results of the 2019 international media coverage of the certified by FIA championship are presented online on website